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Alight Motion Pro – Hello friend Aptoide, how are you today? Good luck, welcome to us here at, which always offers you interesting information about technology and tutorials for Android apps and exciting games

This time we will discuss an interesting topic for you who like videos and animated videos. We’ll discuss video editing applications with Android devices you have.

Of course, editing videos on a mobile phone is more convenient than using a computer, but using a mobile phone is not professional, although the results of editing a video are really good and interesting.

For those of you who want to make YouTube videos or something like Instagram and Facebook, you can use this application as an alternative if you are unable to open your computer.

This application is called Alight Motion Pro, yes, an Android-based application with all possible advantages and functions with which you can edit your videos. Many advantages and functions compared to other applications. Would you like to know more? Follow and refer to the following article yes friends.

Alight Motion Pro

What is Alight Motion Pro? Aligh Motion is an Android based application used by some people who like to edit the video with effects and additional movements so that the video looks better and more perfect compared to the original.

Alight motion pro apk itself has a variety of features that you can use, and the benefits of this application are worth testing and using on your phone.

Below are the features and benefits to help you learn more about what you get when installing this application and how to use it, and we’ll cover it in detail for you.

Alight motion function

For features that are often included in this free Alight Motion Premium application, this time we will provide 8 features that you can test for this application. What functions are available?

  • Keyframe animation – Is a frame or working frame for animated motion in your video so that the animation can be set with a frame or frame, creating an animation with motion that suits you.
  • Color Matching – This feature causes your video to have a color effect on part so that part or all of the object in the video is different in color from the others. The color can also be customized according to your needs. There are many color options for color matching.
  • Visual Effects – One of the interesting features of this application is the effect on the video display. You do not have to set it manually because Aligh Motion also provides plugins or tempalte. You can also choose different visual effects.
  • Aspect Ratio – Of course, when editing videos, you also determine the size or resolution of your videos. In this application you can choose many screen sizes for the edited video, e.g. B. 9:16 or 1: 1 size, and you can adjust the size by yourself.
  • Mix Video – What is Mix? This is the process of mixing videos between two videos that are to be made into one.
  • Vector Grapic – For those of you who like to draw with a Vetor forat picture, you can import it into this application.
  • Export Many Formats – Not only vector formats that can be entered into this application, but also many options that my friend can use to access applications such as JPEG, GIF, PNG and more.
  • Fonts – Finally there are fonts. These fonts are useful for displaying text with many styles that you can use in this application, and you can purchase additional campaign fonts.

Additional advantages if you use the motion apk pro version as follows:

  • There are many graphic layers and videos that you can use.
  • Vector and bitmap formats can already be imported into the application
  • Additional visual effects and color adjustments.
  • Keyframe animations that you can use in all video editing settings.
  • It is easier to create an animation by setting the time and length of the duration.
  • Now you can use motion blur.
  • Insert MP4 or animated videos
  • Attractive and elegant color combination.
  • Additional visual effects for friend.
  • Group layers to combine them into one layer.

What’s new?

The application is updated and always has new functions. You can enjoy and download the latest version of Alight Motion Pro.

  • Layer Visibility – You can hide the editing layer or the video layer without deleting it by searching for eyecon on the left edge of the timeline.
  • Visibility of effects – Hide the effect without removing it, remove it in the effects window and search for eyecon.
  • Improve spot color effects – The new choke parameter helps narrow the chroma range when too many other colors are too overexposed or too bright.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

How to remove Watermark Alight Motion

For friends who are not familiar with watermarks, the following explanation is displayed: A watermark is a brand or logo owned by a company or developer of digital and manual works.

Watermark itself is in the video editing application that uses the free version and can be removed by paying or buying the premium version.

Removing your own watermark is also possible free of charge without having to buy the premium package. How to remove Watermark Alight Motion:

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