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AndWobble is an application that has unique features, one of which is adding a 3D wobble effect to an image or photo so that it will be more unique and not feel stiff when viewed on the device you are using.
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AndWobble MOD APK can make your phone screen come alive by giving a 3D wobble effect to any image you want.

This unique application will allow you to be able to edit the image before you set it to be your cellphone wallpaper.

A photo editing application is a mobile facility that provides users with services to manipulate photos or images so that they look better and more attractive when viewed visually.

The modified or MOD version of this application can give you more flexibility in editing the various photos you have. However, the use of this modified version for a long period of time can be detrimental to the developers of this application.

It’s different if you only have the intention to try the MOD version of this application with the aim of finding information first about what are the advantages of this application.

You can switch to the original version of this app once you feel comfortable and want to use it again.

So, for those of you who are looking for and want to try the latest AndWobble MOD APK 2022 application to try out its premium features, please refer to this article. We have prepared a review and complete information especially for you below.

About AndWobble Mod Apk

AndWobble is an application that has unique features, one of which is adding a 3D wobble effect to an image or photo so that it will be more unique and not feel stiff when viewed on the device you are using.

Andwobble MOD APK can give your cellphone screen a 3D wobble effect given to the image you like. Users can choose an image from the user’s cellphone gallery or camera.

Thanks to this app, you can set your favorite photos as live looking wallpapers that you can customize to your liking. When you feel bored with the image, you can change these images according to your taste too.

This photo editing application available on Google Play was developed by Kinzby with a very light application size of only about 5MB. The very simple interface makes this app easy to use for anyone.

AndWobble APK is devoted to giving effects focused on an image or photo. The user can give a wobble effect to any part and the direction of the sway based on your perspective.

If usually in terms of editing only includes color, saturation, shape, or size, it is different from AndWobble which is devoted to providing focused effects.

The image or photo used can come from the user’s gallery, the user can choose a favorite photo to edit to make it better. The interface is very simple, making it easy for anyone to use it.

In addition to providing a wobbling effect, other supporting features that can be used by users to make images or photos more attractive, such as adding various kinds of stickers, filters, and text in this application.

When it is installed on users’ devices, AndWobble automatically provides services for free to users. However, in it there are still advertisements that may be able to disturb you while editing images or photos.

To enjoy features without ads and download images from the library in this application freely, users must use a credit card to get them, while to use them, they must first view ads or buy them with money.

Not only 3D wobble effects, AndWobble apk also provides other supporting features to make your images more interesting such as various kinds of stickers, filters, and text that you can add to your images.

AndWobble Featured Modified Version

The app integrates 3D graphics and highly immersive wobble effects to provide users with a unique experience.

AndWobble Android has also been equipped with a built-in photo editor that allows you to customize images in various ways, just like any other photo editor application.

After downloading this application and installing it on the user’s cellphone, the user will be presented with the appearance of an octopus which will be the first object to be used as experimental material or practice for photo editing.

The concern of the developers of this application can be seen from the tutorial features that have been presented at the beginning of opening AndWobble. This is very important considering that ordinary people may be confused when using the features provided by this application.

The interface of this application is indeed very simple, but the tools in it will feel very foreign when editing photos. Like the “Wobble” tool which has a striped and rounded icon that may not be available in other photo editing applications.

This app comes with a simple interface which is very easy to understand and use. You can use this app even without looking for help from any tutorials or guides.

In the modified version of this application, you will find all the interesting features that you can try in this application. What are the excellent features of this application? Let’s look at the list below.

Infinite Shocks

You can add shake effects to as many images or photos as you want without any limitations. That way, you can have a personalized wallpaper for you every day so it won’t leave you feeling bored.


You don’t have to worry about being disturbed by ads that often appear suddenly.

In this modified version, it allows you to avoid the many annoying ads in this application, especially when you are engrossed in editing images or.

Photo Editor

This feature allows you to be able to edit images in any way you want. You can add various texts, stickers, and filters to make photos look more attractive than before.

Friendly Interface

This application has a very simple and simple interface compared to other editor applications, so it is very easy to operate by ordinary users who have never even done the photo editing process.


Using the AndWobble Mod APK application will allow users not to bother spending a dime to buy the Premium version of this application, users just use it without spending money.

Here are the Steps to Use AndWobble Apk

After you can download the AndWobble application, now you can just use it.

Maybe many of you still don’t know how to use this one application.

But you don’t need to worry about that, friend, because now you can use the AndWobble application easily.

If you are impatient and want to find out, then please just follow the steps that we have given below, friend.

  • Take photos or pictures using your cellphone camera or you can also take photos from your gallery.
  • Then the main page will appear with various custom options when the image has finished loading.
  • Add a shake effect to the image or photo that you have uploaded earlier by tapping on the Wobble/apply icon. Then a shock adjustment menu will appear so you can adjust how much shock you want.
  • You can use the image or photo to be your cellphone wallpaper if you are quite satisfied with your edits.
  • By tapping on the Share icon, you can also share your edited image or photo with your friends and family.
  • In fact, you can also easily save edits on your cellphone just by tapping the Save icon in the application display. Then, just by pressing the image or photo for a few moments, you can also easily delete the image.

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