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Avee Player – Hello friend Aptoide, come back with us who will provide information about current technology that is always updated every day.

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Who has never listened to music, surely all of you have done it, but in a different way.

Music has indeed become a complement to life when humans experience something, if for friends, often listen to music again what else?

Usually to calm one’s heart and become a lullaby, music must be there, this time we will give a recommendation of the music player application.

Maybe my friend who does not know yet, may listen to this article that we will make for you who likes to play music via a smartphone.

The name of the application is avee music player, what are the features in this application?

Check out this article, friend, to get information about avee player pro and what are the uniqueness.

Avee Music Player

What is avee premium player? avee music player is an android mobile application that is useful for playing various music on your phone.

This avee music player application might be the same as other music player applications, but with a small size of only 4.6 mega bytes this application you can try buddy.

With the advantages offered by this application, such as Music Player friend and provides music sound settings, and others.

For more details, let’s look at the features provided by this application:

Avee Music Player feature

The function of the avee player or our features is explained in more detail below:

  • Most popular media formats are supported and can be played perfectly.
  • Direct folder browsing with shortcuts to the folder you specified.
  • Adjustable audio visualizer.
  • Export the visualizer as an HD video file.
  • Searchable libraries, queues, files.
  • Lock screen orientation
  • Read and save playlists (PLA, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8)
  • Lock screen and status bar widget
  • Supports media control.
  • Sleep timer
  • Equalizer
  • Cross-transition and without gaps
  • UI skin color
  • 2 types of internal players

That was some of the features provided by this application, with a small size this application can provide many features.

So in our opinion it is very good, making this application very efficient in its storage and usability.

For the advantages of this application, my friend can listen to an explanation from us about the advantages of avee player music application, below.

Advantages of Avee Music Player

  • Many Music Formats – Music formats that can be played in the avee music application already cover the whole, maybe all the music formats that you have a standard, can be played by this application.
  • Easy Application Usage – Furthermore, this application is very user friendly, i.e. user friendly, or easy to use, so the users of this application have no difficulties when using it.
  • Visual Audio – The next advantage is that there is viusal audio that you can adjust according to the audio being played and you can also export visual audio into HD quality video.
  • Equalizer – You can also adjust the audio that is being played, so you can find audio settings that you enjoy more.
  • Attractive Display – Not that, the look of this application is very interesting for you to use, so you will be more comfortable with an attractive appearance.

Maybe that’s all the advantages of this avee playe pro application, there are many more advantages that this application has.

But you can immediately use it and feel any advantages directly from your mobile.

Avee Player Pro Mod

What makes this mod version can be the best choice for my friend? the answer is that this pro version can be used for paid applications but for free.

For my friends who are interested in using download avee player pro mod, but must understand the plus mines of the mod version, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Mod Overload

  • Get paid packages for free.
  • Additional features available in the application.
  • And there’s more according to application needs.

Lack of Mod Version

  • Usually not suitable in one of the android versions
  • Cannot run normally on certain android versions.
  • There are still bugs or errors in the application.

Maybe the advantages and disadvantages of the mod version can you consider, and if you still want to use the mod version, you can just download the application below:

Android Mobile Specifications

The specifications required to install the Avee Player Pro apk application on your Android phone don’t require high spec, remember that the small size of this application will not require a high spec.

RAM 512 MB and OS still Jelly Bean has been able to install this application.

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