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Bima X Mod Apk – How are you aptoide friend? long time no see me, because of the urgent activity.

Back again with us friend, who will provide technology information that always provides unique information about Android applications and games.

This time we will discuss an android game that used to have a movie series, a game called bima x mod apk, this arcade genre game will be discussed in this article.

We will discuss from the criminal version to the mod version, because this game can be played offline, of course there will be a mod version.

For those of you who don’t know about the mod version, so consider this article, friend, we will discuss the bima x mod version of the apk, what are the uniqueness of this version and what are the drawbacks.

Immediately, we start to discuss about the Milky X game the original version, yes, friend.

Game Bima X Apk

What is the Bima X game? this game is an arcade game or can also be classified as an action too, a game that can be played on an android phone is also lifted from the film also titled Satria Bima X.

This game is very interesting because this game is lifted from Indonesian-made films, this game also tells the story of a warrior who protects the earth from the threat of monsters.

Like the black steel knight film, the film bria x satria also has a character that will turn into a hero with super abilities.

This game can be played on low end or low spec phones, with a size that is not too big, making this one game friendly for Android phones.

For the gameplay of this game, you can read the explanation below:

Bima X Gameplay

In a game there is definitely a gameplay that is presented, gameplay can be in the form of play and explanation of features.

For this Bima X game, the gameplay inside the game is not too complicated, because the gameplay is simple and easy.

Enemy Level – You can choose the level that you want to lawn, the enemy level is also divided into several levels, children’s level, easy, ordinary, difficult, all in the allotment of beginner to master players.

Character Skiil – When you choose the character you use to fight, each character will have a different skill or skill, understand the skill and make a deadly combo.

Basic Attack – Besides having skills, you can also use basic attacks, basic attacks are used when the skill is still coldown.

Combo Attack – As we said above, each combined skill will produce a deadly combo.

Healt Bar – Or usually we call it blood, pay attention to the bar above that functions as a character’s life control.

Maybe that’s all we can say about the gameplay in the original version of the Milky X game.

Continue to the bima x mod version apk, we will clearly update this version and what are the features in the mod version.

Bima X Mod Game

What’s the difference with the original version? bima x mod apk the difference is the original game file has undergone a process of modification or editing, to get additional features.

The goal of the mod process in the game or application is to add features that do not yet exist, for example in the Milky X Mod apk, the character will open.

And certainly if this mod is illegal, and at any time will be banned, if the original developer does a report.

For features in the mod version the game must be different, depending on what needs in the game, if the most important item is a character, then for example like the bima x mod apk game, the character will open all.

For more details, my friend can listen to the features in this mod version, what are there, friend?

Mod Features

Bima x mod apk certainly has excellent features in the game, not only unlock characters, there are still a few others.

For example the character will have more ability than the usual character, my friend can more easily win battles with the most difficult opponents.

And also my friend can play the game offline without an internet connection, so that it can be played only where it is difficult for internet signals.

This mod version of the game also has a feature that is to open all venues, so you don’t need to open by buying or passing the stage.

How to Install the Game

For how to install Bima X mod offline just like installing an application or game, but because you get from a third party, there are several different ones.

  • Friend can listen below for the game installation process.
  • Files that have been successfully downloaded, friend open it by clicking on it.
  • Then the installation process will run and wait a while, until there is a security notification appears, which says “allow unknown sources”.
  • Slide right to activate it, and the installation process will run again.
  • Wait until a few moments, and finished, my friend can play the game.

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