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Whatsapp BOT is a program specifically designed to respond automatically so, if you create the WhatsApp application itself, it means......
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Bot Whatsapp – Good morning, afternoon or evening, friends, are back again with Mimin, now, this time Mimin wants to talk about Auto Reply Without Application Easily on WhatsApp.

Currently WhatsApp is still the flagship of all messaging applications, there will be no end to discussing all the advantages that WhatsApp has.

Because this application is very simple, easy and also very light, this whatsapp application is very easy to understand so that it is widely used by all ages from young to old.

The WhatsApp application is a FREE chat application that exists for Smartphones and other Androids.

Whatsapp Bot

Whatsapp BOT is a program specifically designed to respond automatically so, if you create the WhatsApp application itself, it means you can reply to messages automatically.

In principle, reply automatically or bot wa is not available on the WhatsApp application and only exists in the WhatsApp business version, but even so it is very limited.

BOT is a program specifically designed to respond automatically so, if you create the WhatsApp application itself, it means you can reply to messages automatically.

Now how to make a bot on WhatsApp can be used for service as a CS where many questions that are often asked can use a bot, such as how to register, how to order, how to pay and others, it is very suitable for those who have an onlshop Whatsapp account.

Sometimes online shop owners are very overwhelmed to reply to incoming messages one by one, so bots are made to reply to automatic messages, how do I make a whatsapp bot.

Now there are many bots that provide automatic chat replies with accuracy, which is very helpful for providing product photos, replying to questions about the price of goods, very helpful for transactions

Here Mimin will tell you a solution for friends who want to create a WhatsApp bot, only by using this modified WhatsApp apk, you can of course use auto reply on all incoming messages.

Auto Reply feature on Whatsapp Bot

The WhatsApp bot application that has an Auto Reply feature is an Autoresponder for whatsapp application, you can download this Autoresponder for whatsapp on the regular play store or the app store.

The auto reply feature on this whatsapp bot, maybe you can reply to whatsapp messages automatically from your whatsapp group or your contacts, so read on, this will tell you what the features are

  • Reply to messages that have the same meaning of all the words that have been determined.
  • Sent words are automatically replied to.
  • Delay answered messages in a few seconds.
  • The time will be active in this feature, Start time and end time.
  • Auto Reply will be activated automatically in certain groups / contacts.
  • Exclude automatic answers with certain groups / contacts.
  • Now, after you download and install the application, you only need to enter the settings or settings, just by opening the Autoresponder for WhatsApp application, then you click on notification settings and you select the check or shift it to be green like you have Mimin then select allow.

How to Settings Bot

Then in this section, Mimin will tell you a little about how, and you can explore as much as you like in your contacts or in the whatsapp group bot.

Whatsapp Bot Gives Opening Greetings

The opening greetings here usually only work if you get the first message from a WhatsApp number that you didn’t save. Opening Greetings also usually functions to automatically greet numbers that have just entered the group you are part of.

  • Click the green “+” button in the lower right corner
  • Choose all
  • In the Reply section, fill in the welcome message you want
  • For example, I want to reply, “Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Arya Putra. How can I help you? ” then in the auto reply whatsapp or reply to message I fill in the fields that must be sent with the sentence.
  • If it is already filled in, click the check below.

Whatsapp Bot Replies To All Messages Containing Or Loading Anything

Not once or twice have I gotten the message P over and over again, PING or TEST. Now, to make it easier for friends to think about being caught so that they are considered fast responses and the sender doesn’t need to send messages repeatedly, it’s enough when we receive a message (whatever it is) automatically whatsapp will auto reply, how:

  • Click the green “+” button in the lower right corner.
  • Select the similarity match, in the Message received section, buddy, fill in the star (*) – as in brackets – like a photo.
  • In the column at the bottom of the reply message, fill in the message you want your friends to give.
  • For example, I am riding a motorcycle, Mimin uses this bot to automatically answer any messages that come to Whatsapp Mimin.

Whatsapp Bot Replies To Messages Under Certain Circumstances

If you get various incoming whatsapp messages from other people, such as “Ping” or “Test”, you can use the method below to use the whatsapp bot.

  • Click the green “+” button in the lower right corner
  • Select pattern matching, at the bottom of the reply message, you can use the one provided by pressing the circle with the “i” button to the right of the pattern matching text.
  • For example, if you want to automatically reply to a message that reads PING, you don’t know the number of letters I, you can use the PI + NG formula.
  • The point is, don’t be afraid to experiment.

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