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Games like COC Mod Apk are indeed one of the most legendary games, friend.

Because this game is a game that has been released for a long time but until now there are still many who use it.

How not, in this game you will get a lot of fun which will certainly make the players feel so comfortable when playing the game.

Indeed, this COC game still has a very high number of active users, bro.

Even though nowadays there are a lot of new games that have sprung up, but not a few people still want to use the COC game.

Because now there are many active users who play COC games, that’s why now it has also been launched with various versions.

Each game certainly has a different version and will certainly make users feel satisfied.

Likewise when you play this COC game which now has another version, namely the Mod version.

The mod version was launched because it has added a lot of premium features in it that will make fans feel satisfied.

If you want to know about this mod version of the COC game, then you can continue to monitor the article that we provide below.

COC Mod Apk Unlimited Troops

COC Mod Apk was deliberately launched to make its users feel satisfied in playing an online game.

Various features were also launched in such a complete manner. With maximum features like that, the players will also find it easy to do battle.

As you know that COC stands for Clash Of Clans where this game used to only be played via PC.

With the development of technology, now you can play the game on various devices such as Android, iOS, PC to via laptop.

Playing in the COC game will certainly give you a different pleasure.

There you will be presented with various missions that you must complete. However, nowadays people rarely look for COC from the Google Play Store.

Because these inadequate features make it difficult for users to win the games in the game.

That’s why these developers moved quickly and finally the mod version of the COC game was launched. There you can enjoy a variety of features that are so complete and all of them you can use for free.

With these features you will find it easier if you want to fight in the COC game.

In this COC game also has a classic online strategy which is the development of Supercell which is a game company from Finland.

In this game you will be able to find 3D graphics which of course will spoil your eyes all. The battles in this game are also very impressive, friend, because you will find fire in battle.

In addition, you can also attract millions of gamers around the world.

If you want to use the mod version of this game, then you can just know the gameplay in it.

COC Mod Apk Gameplay

The gameplay in this COC game is really very fun, bro. This is one of the factors that make this game so popular.

The gameplay in this game is not too difficult, bro. In this mod version, of course, you will be able to get gameplay that is so easy.

If you already know the existing gameplay, of course you will be very interested in using this COC game.

Let’s just get to know it, let’s not have a lot of small talk anymore. Check out some interesting gameplay from the COC game below.

Build a Village

If you are the first to use this game, then you have to build a village first.

Well, here you have to produce an empire by building Army Recruitment, Buildings, or something else.

In addition, this game also provides a variety of defense jobs, such as traps, cannons, walls and towers.

You can upgrade these items later to make them stronger to help fight monster attacks from other COC players.

Battle With Clan

The second gameplay that you can get in this game is to do battle with other Clans.

Here you have to choose the strongest guild or you can make friends with other guilds.

In addition, you can ask for help if you want to attack. This is one of the most exciting gameplay in this COC game.

You have to join the strongest guild as soon as possible, friend so that you can be supported and also given more troops.

Build the Strongest Base

Here you have to set your base so that it is not the same as other enemy base combinations, friend.

That’s why you have to set traps, Air Defense, Bombs, Ground defense to the maximum so that the enemy cannot attack you.

That way, your base will be safe, friend. You must continue to monitor the base that you build so as not to be attacked by other COC enemies.

All the gameplay in COC is indeed very fun, friend. That’s why many people feel at home playing COC.

Tutorial to Install COC Mod Apk

We must provide an installation tutorial so that you all know that the mod version of the game cannot be opened if you don’t install it.

Well, to do this installation you must provide enough storage space so that the game can be installed.

In addition, you must also provide a smooth internet quota so that the application installation process also runs quickly.

After that, you just need to do the following:

  • You must tick Unknown Sources
  • It is absolutely mandatory for you to do permissions
  • If you have done it, then you can click Install
  • Finished

COC Mod Apk Features Unlimited Everything

Selian gameplay you will also get many features available from this COC.

There are many features available in this game and you should know them, friend.

Because with these features that can give you many advantages in it.

Unlimited Gold

The gold contained in the COC game is indeed very much needed to buy various items.

In addition, you will also be able to get all the equipment when using gold.

Well, in this mod version you will be able to get a feature called unlimited gold.

Unlimited Troops

Unlimited Troops is the second feature that COC players really need.

That way you will get Troops (Troops) very easily.

Because all the troops given are unlimited and will never end, friend. So you are free if you want to choose an army.

You also don’t have to wait a long time if you want to get a lot of troops.

Unlimited Gems

With the emergence of the Unlimited Gems feature in this mod version, of course you will be given the satisfaction of being able to get what you want in this game.

With the items you have, you will be free to access the things you want such as Resources, Purchase Coins, or speed up the development process.

Maybe if you use the official version, then you have to top up so you can get lots of gems.

Unlimited Elixir

This next feature, maybe you shouldn’t underestimate it, friend. Because this feature is very important for you to use.

As you know bro, that getting Elixir in this COC must require strategy

However, you will get convenience when using the Mod version. Because you will be able to get a lot of Elixir for free.

Unlimited Speed ​​Up

After you are able to build a defense structure, then you can immediately recruit soldiers.

There are many types of soldiers in this COC game. You can increase the defense of the army in terms of strength.

So that the army can later be far superior in doing battle.

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