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If you hear the word Codashop Pro Apk, of course you already feel familiar, guys.

For all of you gamers, of course you already know this one application, right, guys?

Moreover, lovers of Free Fire and Mobile Legends games must be very familiar with this one application.

How not guys, this one application is specifically for FF and ML game players who want to do a top up.

This Top Up, of course, is often done, guys. Because of course in a game you have to need a variety of items to buy it.

Well, to buy an item or items that are needed, of course you have to spend money, guys.

You have to top up first before you want to buy various items in the game.

Well, one of them is using the Codashop Pro Apk application. Let’s find out about this one application.

What is Codashop Pro Apk Free?

If you don’t know this application and now many are asking, then you need to know, guys.

Well, actually Codashop Pro is an application that will make it easy for you to top up.

This one application is a design from the developer, namely a third party, guys.

So, this one application is not an official application in the google play store.

However, you will be given the convenience of doing top up by using this application.

In addition, various features are also available in the application. And the great thing is that you can use this application to top up by buying various kinds of diamonds without having to pay a penny.

With the presence of this one application, it will certainly make you all feel the benefits.

You will be able to get lots of diamonds for free just by using one application like this, you know, guys.

For those of you who are gamers, then you are absolutely obliged to use this one application, guys.

Come on, let’s find out first what are the advantages of this one application until so many people want this application.

Advantages of the Codashop Pro Application

This application is declared viral because it provides a lot of advantages in it.

The advantages of an application like this will certainly be very beneficial for those of you who use it.

This mod version of Codashop does have more advantages compared to the usual version.

That’s why many prefer to use the modified version compared to the usual version.

So that you are no longer curious about the advantages of this application, it’s better if you just take a look at the advantages below.

Free App

The first advantage is that you will be able to get this Codashop application for free, guys.

To get the application you don’t have to pay to download it.

Because this application has been provided specifically and is also complete with features that you can use for free.

Many Top Up Options

Furthermore, the advantages that you can get if you use the pro version of the Codashop application, you will get lots of top up options.

There are several choices of games that you can do to be able to top up such as Fire Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG, Minecraft, Top Eleven, King Of Duty, and many others.

Many Discounts

Many like this one application because the application provides a lot of discounts up to a free price to buy diamonds.

It’s true, in fact, you know, guys, you will be able to get lots of diamonds at low prices and even free to get them.

For those of you who have the right balance or money, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

Because you will be able to buy cheap diamonds only by using this mod version of the Codashop application.

Simple Display Design

In addition to the availability of top up services for free and also many attractive discounts, this application also has a very simple interface.

With a simple display like this, users of the Codashop application will also find it easier to use it.

So, for those of you who have never used this application, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Because this application already presents a simple display and can be used by users easily.

How about you guys, very interesting aren’t all the advantages that have been provided in this application?

How, are you all interested in trying this one application?

How to install it?

If you have got the application file, then the next way you need to know is how to install it.

This installation method is absolutely mandatory for you to do so that you can use the mod application.

For those of you who are still confused about how to do the installation, then you can listen to the tutorial below.

  • First of all go to the Settings menu
  • There you will find Additional Settings
  • Click and find Privacy
  • Then you just have to activate Unknown Sources
  • Next go to Storage Folder and find the app
  • Click Install to start the installation of the app
  • Finished.

That’s one way you can do so that you can install the Codashop application, guys.

How about it, the way to install this is quite easy, isn’t it, guys?

How to Use Codashop Pro Apk FF [Free Fire]

Well, after you managed to get the application now you can use it, you know, guys.

First, we will provide some tutorials that you can do to use the Codashop application in the Free Fire game.

If you are still confused about how to use it, then you can just follow the method we provide below.

  • First of all, just open the application that you have installed
  • Then, if you are already logged in, you can just enter the Turtle or Oopet password
  • If you have, now you can enter your FF ID Account
  • Next, just select the number of diamonds you want to top up
  • Don’t forget to also choose the payment method, guys
  • Finally you have to do the Verification by entering the Phone Number.
  • Finished

Well, guys, after you’ve managed to verify the application, the diamond that you top up will go directly to your FF account.

How to use Codashop Pro Apk Mobile Legends

In addition to using Codashop on a FF account, now we will also provide some tutorials on how to use Codashop ML.

To use Codashop ML, it’s generally not much different when we use Codashop FF, guys.

But don’t worry, we will provide a complete tutorial so you don’t get confused anymore.

You can follow the steps we provide below to find out, guys.

  • First, of course, you have to open the application first
  • Then as usual you can enter the password Turtle or Ooped
  • Then you can enter the Premium Code that you have
  • Then you can choose the number of diamonds you want
  • Also enter the Payment Method to make the transaction easier
  • Do the verification, then the diamond that you top up will go directly to your ML account
  • Finished

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Codashop Pro Application
The Codashop application also has its own advantages and disadvantages, guys.

However, when compared to the disadvantages, the advantages of the Codashop application are more, you know, guys.

You must know the advantages and disadvantages of this application, guys, so you can compare the applications.


  • You can get many discounts and you can get free diamond prices
  • many who use this Codashop application
  • You can download the application for free
  • The application size is light so it can save storage


  • This application can only be accessed by devices with Android 5.0 specifications or above
  • Can only be used for certain types of games, not all games
  • So, you already know, guys, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this application?

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