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Coocoo Whatsapp - How are you, Aptoide friend? come back with us on the website, which always provides the latest information about...
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Coocoo Whatsapp – How are you, Aptoide friend? come back with us on the website, which always provides the latest information about technology and tricks and tips for you readers.

This time we will discuss an application that is often used to communicate via text or voice, yes the application is called whatsapp.

The whatsapp application has increasingly become the most popular application for communication applications, previously there was also a BBM application but now this application is rarely used anymore.

Because the whatsapp application is very simple and easy to use by users who are new to using the whatsapp application.

Because the whatsapp application is very simple and easy to use by users who are new to using the whatsapp application.

Coocoo Whatsapp Application

What is coocoo whatsapp? coocoo whatsapp is whatsapp application that has undergone a process of modification by someone developer or android application developer team.

The aim is to provide newer features and be able to provide its own satisfaction for its users.

This whatsapp mod application has many types, like yowhatsapp, gb whatsapp, everything is the same as this mod application, both create or create new features and are different from the original version of whatsapp.

But there are different with yowhatsapp and gb whatsapp, coocoo whatsapp has features that are more interesting and safer to use, one of which has an antibanned feature.

Unlike other whatsapp mods that are often banned but this time the application will withstand banned, if the use is not excessive and not used for crime.

For my friend who wants to know more clearly what are the advantages of the CoCoo WhatsApp mod application, see the following explanation.

Coocoo Whatsapp Application Features

For the features provided coocoo whatsapp this application is much more and has usability that will support application performance.

Of course, the features of this application are clearly different from the original version of whatsapp, different in appearance and security system in the application.

Which one is better than the official WhatsApp app? In our opinion, it is better to coocoo whatsapp, because the features in the application have been adjusted to the needs of users more.

And in terms of appearance this application is much better, because it has a bright and attractive appearance.

Anti Banned

The first feature is anti-banned, why does this feature have to be in the mod application? Yes, because the mod application is an illegal version of the application.

So the anti-banned feature must be present in the application, to avoid being banned due to illegal activities using the whatsapp mod application.

With a system on the application that will maintain your account in using this WhatsApp Coocoo application, so you don’t need to worry about banned issues on your account.

Video Call With Efect Camera

Who here likes to make video calls? is my friend one of them? if you often make video calls, you will be interested in using this application.

Because the CoCoo WhatsApp app provides an interesting feature, that is, you can make video calls with efect or often known as filters.

No half-hearted, filter or camera effect provided as many as 70 camera effects.

With that much camera effect, you will not feel bored when you make a video call.

And how to use it is also very easy with just one click, you can use this effect, and you can also choose texture effect.

Color Phone

As we have told my friend about the appearance of this application, the application Coocoo WhatsApp application has a very unique display, with many views that can be customized.

Display given is in the form of an animated display and ordinary wallpaper display with a very attractive appearance and full color.

You can also choose many of the views provided in this application, so you can give a look that suits your desires and personality.

Not only are there many views but the effects given to the display are also many thousands of effects on the display that have been waiting for you to use.

Transparent theme

Lastly there is a feature that you might like with this feature, yes that is a transparent theme.

The transparent theme itself can be used in other Wahsapp mod versions, but here in the CoCoo WhatsApp application it can be used safely without fear of being banned.

If you like and want to use this application, you can download this WhatsApp apk on the link below, get it for free.

How to Install the Application

To install the application coocoo whatsapp mod there are a few differences with the install the application that you get in the play store.

The difference is that if you download or get applications from third parties like our website, aka the cellphone system will give a warning.

Warning to allow applications from unknown sources, but this warning is safe as long as the apk file that you download is free from viruses.

And friend, don’t worry, our files are all free of viruses.

Open the .apk file that was downloaded earlier, and open the file.
The installation process will automatically be started by the Android system.
Wait a few moments, if there is a message to allow applications from unknown sources, then you activate it in the settings menu on the phone.

  • Or also usually automatically the cellphone system will point to the settings menu, sliding friend right to activate it.
  • Look at the picture below, friend.
  • how to install the application
  • If it is activated the installation process will continue.
  • Wait until it’s finished and you can start using the application.

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