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Cute Cut Apk – How are you Aptoide friends who are always waiting for information from us, information that contains tutorials, tricks and tips on android and computer applications that are always updated every day, I hope you always get healthy this year

Who doesn’t know about video editing, yes, my friend must have done it, and for those of you who have never edited a video, you can listen to this article which will discuss eidting videos.

Video editing can indeed be done on a computer and on your own computer a lot of software for editing videos, for example such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere CC, there is also a movie maker, and pinecle, and many more.

But to operate and use applications or software on a computer that needs to learn that is not for a moment, we must understand what are the uses and features in the software, because the menu choices in computer software are numerous and complex.

For my friend who only edits videos for fun, of course, feel reluctant to use editing on a computer, and prefer to use an Android phone.

We will here provide information about an Android application specifically for editing videos easily and of course the features in the application are no less useful than on a computer that is the cute cut pro application, this application is intended for my friend who wants to edit videos via mobile.

What is Cute Cut Pro?

What is CCP? cute cut pro is an android-based application that is commonly used for video editing, this application was developed by a company called mobivio solutions, this application provides many features that you can use for editing and you can make videos that you lack interesting for the better.

Videos that had no transition and color effects can now be edited and applied to your videos, so your videos that are flat or flat are more mobile with the help of this application.

For friends who are still wondering – about the features of this application can listen below:

Cute Cut Pro feature

For the Cute Cut Pro application features themselves are also very diverse that can be used for my friend in editing a video or producing video photos, the features are below:

User-Friendly UI.

For those of you who don’t know what is user friendly, user friendly is where an interface or display that is owned by a hardware or software that is easy to use by the user himself.

Make an interesting film

You can make films that are much more interesting, with photos or videos that will be combined with various effects and writing in this cute cut pro application, and you still have much more to do in this application, try and make your video.

Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios

Including HD (16: 9), SD (4: 3), SQUARE (1: 1) and even Portrait Mode, this mode is very useful for you because you can choose different types of display modes for your videos, according to your desired needs friend.

Make a PIP film

Ie the picture in the picture, the max image that you put or imort into the application will be mixed or this technique is called blending with other images so that the picture looks more attractive with a combination of both.

Picture directly on the film.

Buddy who likes to paint directly with a brush, can apply into editing in this cute cut pro application, because this application already supports features for brushes that can be drawn free hand by my friend on video or pictures.

Has 30+ drawing tools.

3 Advanced brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, editable gradient.

  • Adjustable transitions.
    20 more Transitions Predetermined.
  • Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transformation, and Volume can all be used easily.
  • Share your film.
  • Export to Camera Roll.
  • Post to YouTube / Facebook.

How to use Cute Cut Pro

For my friend, we have provided tutorials on how to make a beginner ccp, you can see who are still very beginners, the way is quite easy if you are already accustomed to using video editing applications, it will be even easier.

  1. Open the cute cut pro application first, you can use the mod version or without the Waterstark.
  2. Select the plus sign above the left corner, to create a new project, after that give a name to the new project and press ok.
  3. Settings for some settings before starting to edit the video, such as adjusting the screen orientation and screen resolution, etc.
  4. After that, my friend will enter the video editing page or can also import photos to be made into video.
  5. Select the plus sign again on the left pane and you will be prompted to select a photo or video, and press to enter it.
  6. Choose a few photos for my friend who wants to know how to make a CCP transition.
  7. Select the mark that we have circled and choose a custom transition, you can choose an existing transition with a large memo or zoom out to make a transition.

So much information that we can convey to you all, hopefully useful and for you to use the mod version application should not take action outside of the developer rules, so that later the mod application that you use is not banned.

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