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Download Resident Evil 4 PC Is an adventure game with a horror genre, this game has many versions, from the PC and Android versions, as...
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Resident Evil 4 PC – Hello friends – aptoide back with us, how are you buddy? is all right today? this time we will provide information about games that you can play when boring, what game is it? keep watching, friend.

Game is a game that aims to challenge someone to solve an existing puzzle or problem, the current game that we often encounter is an electronic game, where someone can control a character for a specific purpose.

The games themselves have many kinds, from games with the genre RPG, moba, fps and many more, all of which are created to be a means of entertainment for someone, and games are also a means of proving in a social community who is better.

This time we will discuss horror-themed games, this game is familiar to all friends, namely the resident evil game, yes this game is a game that tells someone who fights against terrible creatures called zombies, for a full explanation, let’s see this article.

Resident Evil 4

Is an adventure game with a horror genre, this game has many versions, from the PC and Android versions, as well as the Playstation version.

This game tells the story of a man trapped in a city at the end of Spain, where a man has to face inflation from zombies.

Why is this game mandatory for you to try, because for friends who like action and adventure genre games, this game is suitable for friends because it provides tense actions.

In the game, you are required to fight creepy zombies and make your heart flutter, with a story and game display that supports the game’s story, making this game a lot of interest.

Evidenced by the version of the game that is present on the market is very complete, starting from playstations, computers, to Androids already exist, no wonder this resident evil game is one of the list of favorite action games.

There are some interesting facts about this game, we will discuss them below, what are they? definitely suggestive friends, see interesting facts about resident evil 4 game.

Resident Evil 4 Facts

Forbidden zombie figures

In a resident evil 4 game, the zombie enemies should be more varied, with the zombies’ skills and weaknesses will make the game even more interesting, but the characters from zombies are banned and the game developer from resident evil has decided not to bring zombies who are banned. the.

Figure luis

There are more interesting facts about this game, namely luis, this luis will help you on a mission in the old house, but if you shoot the wrong one on the luis character then this character will also shoot back and several times on the luis’s chance. like feeding friends to these zombies, maybe this is just a game system, friend.

Speak Mexican

In the resident evil 4 story, actually the location of the story is at the end of the country of Spain, but when you can listen to it when zombies make chatter sounds, what is used in Mexican language comes from several related sources.

How to Download

  • Click the download link that we have provided above, for the laptop version because the size is too large, we cannot provide it yet.
  • Enter our download site, and wait a few seconds to start downloading, you can choose fast download to speed up the download process.
  • Press the download button, and wait a few moments.
  • The file that we provide does not have an additional password and does not need to be extracted.
  • Don’t worry about viruses.

How to Install

  • Open the file that you downloaded earlier and press it several times.
  • Then the application install process will run.
  • Wait a few moments, if the cellphone system wants unknown application permissions, then you can open the settings menu on your cellphone, and select security.
  • The installation process will run again and wait for it to finish.

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