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Dragon City Apk – Hello buddy aptoide, a sunny day to start a beautiful morning, may today be a good day.

Come back with us here, who will never get bored giving interesting information about the technology that is hot and unique Android games.

This time we will discuss about games that we think are worthy of being presented for you, games that can be played through an android phone.

This game is a dragon city mod apk, a game that will make you feel at home playing it, with the uniqueness of this game.

What makes this game unique? yes this game is unique with the storyline provided in the game, and a bright display that is typical of rpg games makes this game unique.

But it’s not rpg genre, and more unique this game has a character in the game that has a funny and exotic appearance.

What are the uniqueness of this game Dragon City Mod apk? because we will discuss the mod version, and for more details you can see this article which will discuss the mod version.

But it never hurts us to know in advance what an explanation is dragon city, the explanation is below.

Dragon City Game Apk

What is Dragon City Game? yes, from the translation of the game name, we can already understand that this game is a dragon game.

In the game a player will be required to maintain a dragon, and care for him so that the dragon can be taken to fight.

Like caring for other pets, my friend can also feed and mate between dragons, so as to produce an offspring.

Dragon that lays eggs you can do incubation or incobator, to incubate dragon eggs, and you can incubate directly with gems.

In the game also has stunning graphics with details and bright colors that make anyone feel at home to play it.

Discussing this game is indeed a lot, the uniqueness of this game like the appearance of the game and the gameplay makes its own value.

Anything, yeah, my friend, the gameplay contained in this game, and later we will compare the original version with Dragon City Mod apk.

Dragon City Apk feature

In the game there must be a term Feature, this feature shows what tools are in a game, and of course the game Dragon City Mod apk also has features that we will discuss below.

  • Complete the Naga Book, there are more than 1000 awesome and interesting dragons to breed and collect to make your dragon city flourish.
  • New dragons will join the game every week, through breeding events and opening of special islands.
  • Decorate your friends with cool dragon skins from special events in limited events.
    Enjoy adventures in dragon quests and play against other dragon masters in the PvP game arena to collect one-of-a-kind dragons, win warrior’s chests, and climb the leaderboards.
  • Summon dragons from the magical world in the tree of life and try their skills.
  • collect orbs and strengthen your dragons, you will see how powerful they are in dragon fighting.
  • Unlock advanced game features such as the Ancient World and Guardian Dragons.
  • Be sociable, join alliances to play and fight with other dragon masters, chat with them, trade orbs at the trading hub, share in alliance prize events, and open alliance chests.
  • Sign in with Windows to save your games and play on all your devices – that way you can bring your baby dragon everywhere.

Maybe that’s all we will discuss about Dragon City, and then we will discuss about the mod version of this game.

What are the advantages and features provided in this mod version, let’s look together in the next explanation.

Dragon City Mod Apk Latest Version

As explained above, the gameplay and basic features found in the original version will not disappear in the mod version.

In fact, in the dragon city mod version the latest version of the game will add an item needed for easy game progress.

Examples of common items that are in this mod version are:

Unlimited money or gold

God mode or god mode


And others according to the needs of the game.

The items or features in this game will function as a mod, because the mod version itself is a game version that has been edited and modified.

So the game will be easier to play with the items or features above, which are useful as a substitute for mod.

So, you don’t need to be hard to do mods with additional applications and root your phone.

And my friend, just use this mod version to get the mod replacement function, without additional applications and root processes, easy to open?

If you are interested in playing the game Dragon City Mod apk latest version, you can download the game below.

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