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Dragon Mania Mod Apk – Hi Guys, welcome back with Mimin at Aptoide who always provides an application, game and tips for the latest and most popular tricks for all of you.

On this occasion Mimin will recommend a game that is widely played by smartphone users, especially Android. Curious, right?

Let’s just look at the reviews below. However, to get good information, do not let the information below be discs below. Let’s check this out guys.

Who here likes the PET game or you could say it’s a pet game? Keep animals like cats, dogs and others seem mainstream.

However, this time you will keep animals that are anti-mainstream. Of course, wild animals, but these animals are not like animals found in animal gardens but rather mythical animals, namely dragons. Just imagine the animal is certainly scary huh?

But wait, this game doesn’t look as scary as what you imagined. You could say this wild animal looks very cute and will certainly make you want to maintain it.

Of course, some people are familiar with the game Dragon Mania mod, but for those of you who don’t know it, you can refer to the description and what the game play is. Come on, we refer to the review below.

Dragon Mania Legend Legends

If you have ever played a pet game or raised animals, surely you will not feel strange if you play this game. But unlike other similar games, you will feel different things.

Dragon Mania Game is a simulation game that raises wild animals namely dragons. Usually this game provides management expertise and strategy. while playing this game, you are required to complete missions to be able to find and collect many dragons in several places.

In this game you will know many species and have very unique dragons for your collection. The dragon animals in this dragon mania legend have many different shapes, colors and sizes.

Friend can raise and also collect by gathering them into a team. then you can train to be able to defeat the enemy forces that will attack.

Loh, this game can be at war mode too? Of course, this is its advantage when compared to similar games that can only maintain it.

Play game

As we have explained before, besides having shape, color and size, the animal has special abilities and also dozens of elementary attributes that can make it unique.

To be able to raise a dragon very well, you must maintain the place of life or habitat and also the dragon’s food.

The way in the latest version of the game Dragon Mania mod is what you have to do in order to raise the level and also give the allure to other dragons to come to your island.

And to be able to raise the level, of course, dragons on dragon mania mod apk must be taken offline in battle. The fight can also be held against your friends on Facebook or it can also be the opponent’s version of vs vs com.

In this offline game Dragon Mania Legend Mod apk presents a very exciting game because the game in the game Dragon Mania presents a strategy and management game where you have to complete the mission to collect as many dragons as possible.

The dragon you can get on the island and you have to take care of the dragon to keep it alive and also grow big. There are various types of dragon species that you will breed and raise.

Detailed Features of Dragon Mania Legends

Before downloading dragon mania apk offline, you can see the features in the game dragon mania offline.

Populating Dragons

How to get you a lot of dragons through breeding, you have to mate 2 dragons to produce eggs. The more eggs there are likely to be more dragons that you get.

Mission to Find and Get a Dragon

Find various species of dragons on a dragon island. When you have got it, take care of it and breed it.

Get Gold

Friend will get gold if you have successfully built a dragon habitat. With this gold, you can use it to buy new islands or build many other buildings. One of these buildings is dragon training, you can train dragons to be stronger.

Raise the Level

In dragon mania legends offline, you are required to be able to complete the mission and also the highest level. In order to level up, you have to take good care of your pet’s habitat starting from food, and also always follow lots of battles to be able to train the dragon experience.

Mod Feature Dragon Mania Apk

Of course, if you get the regular version, it will be very difficult to play it and increase the ability of gold or money a little. But just take it easy, this time Mimin is distributing the game version of Dragon Mania offline mod apk. This is the mod feature of dragon mania legends that you will get as follows:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems

How to Install Apk

For those of you who are confused about installing the dragon mania mod APK file, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step you should take is to download dragon mania mod apk on the link above.
  • After downloading the game Dragon Mania Legend Mod apk, don’t install it immediately. Buddy must ensure that the phone is set to “unknown source”.
  • If you have done the steps above, you can directly click and install the apk file download dragon mania legends mod.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open and play the game dragon mania mod apk.

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