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Epsxe Apk – Hi everyone, come back with us at Aptoide which of course always provides an Application, Game and Tips for the latest and most popular tricks every day for our loyal visitors.

This time we will recommend an application that makes us reminisce with a very exciting game of its time. Curious, right?

Well, rather than just curious we see the reviews below! do not skip it so that you do not miss the latest information from us. Check this out!

Old friends born in the 90s, of course, have never played or just just know the game Playstation 1, of course, this game called PS1 is indeed very imprinted on many people.

Unforgettable memories when playing this game are really fun, even though today’s games are very sophisticated.

But there are still those who want to play the game because there is no Android. Unfortunately, with the scarcity of devices from increasingly rare PS1 devices, it makes people difficult to be able to play games from PS1.

Of course, if you always visit our webpage, you will definitely find articles about playing PSP games on android, the PPSSPP application.

I had thought, is there an intermediary like PPSSPP but this application can run PS1 games? Of course, there are android applications that can run PS1 games.

The name ePSXe Apk, it’s hard to name, hehe. Okay, of course you are curious about the application and its features, and let’s just see the description of the application below.

EPSXe application

Epsxe is an emulator application that can run games from PS1, ePSXe supports OpenGl HD Graphics, so it can improve graphics thanks to the Peopsxgl Plugin, cheat codes and savestates and memcards that are compatible with PC versions. ePSXe also includes native support for Intel Atom X86 and ARM.

The ePSXe application has very high compatibility (> 99%), very good speed, and accurate sound. This application is also designed for Android phones, (can be played by 1-4 players) as well as a fun screen sharing mode for 2 players.

It also supports touch screen buttons, there are hardware button settings (such as phones with keyboard, Xperia Play or game buttons, USB such as WiiMote or Bluetooth gamepad, Xbox 360, Sixaxis, Moga, Ipega) and Analog Stick.

What we have explained is that ePSXe supports the OpenGL HD graphics enhancement sector provided by the Peopsxgl plugin, supports Cheat Codes, supports saving game conditions and also supports memory cards from the PC Version. The ePSXe application includes support for ARM Processors and Intel Atom X86.

Epsxe Apk Full

If you are looking for the full version of the free epsxe apk download app on Playstore, of course you have to pay to have it. It’s really not fun for those of us who are looking for free ones hehe.

And because this is one of the best emulators for the PlayStation 1 game, because there are rarely other applications that can play Play Station 1 games.

But as usual, we are here, of course, will provide the application that you can download for free, so you don’t need to spend any money. The advantage is that you play it on an Android device unlike playing on a large original device. So you can remember the past 90s generation wherever and whenever you want,

Therefore, you must quickly have this Indo epsxe apk game. We will present the download link below. But do not hurry yet, my friend can continue to see this article to find out more about this game.

Epsxe Apk feature

This application has a complete list of games that are very compatible, although the user must be able to get the game’s BiOS file first and then load it into the device.

As you can imagine, you can enjoy the game from a bigger screen. You can enjoy bigger pictures and also easier controls.

ePSXe for Android is the best emulator application for Android devices. Because with this emulator you can enjoy many games anywhere and anytime.

The following are the features that you can get from the epsxe application:

  • The interface on the menu is more elegant.
  • Improved HD game performance.
  • The sound quality has been upgraded with the HDV system.
  • Upgrading the x86 recompiler uses the same recompiler than in all versions (Android, Linux x64 and Mac).
  • Added a new threading mode in Pete OpenGL2 Core Plugin. This becomes one of the 2 basic thread modes, and 2 additional modes to create soft / hardware effects. (This can increase many effects, for example only on photos that burned at the beginning of Castlevania).
  • Improvements at the core that make even more games that can be played smoothly. For example MONKEY HERO, WING COMMANDER IV.
  • Added to the new option in the cheat code window to download the cheat code from the ePSXe version (for the Android version).
  • Can add Fiur cheat codes that are not difficult to enter in the “Option” option (for PC / Windows versions).

Latest Epsxe Update

  • Add scanlines support (transparency + bold is configurable)
  • Added support for reducing rendering resolution when the openGL plugin
  • Additional support to be able to change many video, audio or input options during game play
  • Can add options to reset the game when playing games
    Added support for editing cheat codes and loading cheat codes from files
  • Fixed lots of bugs in some gameshark code (conditional)
  • Fix bugs in the sound in the game Future Cop 01

How to Install Apk

For those of you who are confused in installing and installing the game, you can follow the steps below:

Download the file we provided above and extract the rar file.

Turn on the “Unknown source” before installing the ePSXe application. If already installed, don’t open it first. Move the bios file (scph1001.bin) that you downloaded earlier into the storage / emulated / 0 / epsxe folder using the ZArchiever application as shown below.

Because this application does not include games, you download the game file on coolrom. and extract the zip file using zarchiver too and move these three files to the PS1 folder.

Open the application and play the game.

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