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ETS 2 Mod Is a driving simulation game where you as a player will drive various vehicles. In fact, initially this game was designed to...
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The experience of driving a large vehicle such as a Bus becomes a very fun thing. Moreover, they can travel throughout the archipelago. This is the experience you can get from the ETS 2 Mod game which we will review for you.

Traveling around all places in the archipelago is indeed the desire of many people. Especially using public transportation and sitting to enjoy every place that is traversed

Currently there are quite a number of people who have an unusual hobby. You will never think about this hobby.

One of them is Bus fans or they call themselves Bismania. Not because they love traveling around the archipelago, but they really like things related to buses.

All things related to the bus, of course, do not escape their attention, even the components or spare parts on the bus even though they are not an expert in automotive.

On the other hand, when they go around various places, they will enjoy every moment while on the bus. Of course ordinary people would not be able to feel the sensation.

This opportunity may be difficult to realize if you don’t have the goal and money to buy tickets. How can we enjoy all things Bus? The answer, of course, is games.

One of them is the ETS 2 Mod game and you can play this very easily. This game is not a smartphone game but a PC game. If you want to get the smartphone version, you can visit Bus Simulator Mod.

For Bismania who has a PC, of ​​course, you must play the game because you can feel the same way when riding the bus.

Not only riding the bus, here your role will be to become a bus driver and deliver many passengers to their destination.

Looks so attractive, right? This game still has many advantages that you can get. Maybe you are curious about the details, therefore, just take a look at the review of ets 2 mod Indonesia below.

Review Game ETS 2 Mod

ETS 2 Mod Is a driving simulation game where you as a player will drive various vehicles. In fact, initially this game was designed to drive a truck with a European feel.

Here, of course, your job is to complete given missions such as delivering goods. It will be a very long journey to get him to his destination.

With the theme of vehicle simulation, of course you will pass every route that is even difficult. You will enjoy every view in the City or even the cool nuances of the countryside.

Game ets 2 mod apk PC is one of the Open Source games. That way, it will make it easier for users to do various things, including changing the content in the game.

This is why the game is the best game favored by Bus fans. Bus fans will certainly continue to try this game and conduct experiments on the game.

Of course, the games that we will share can be downloaded easily. What’s more, there will be additional features that you can get.

You can see everything in detail on the features or advantages of the ets 2 mod download game. That way, you will really feel as a bus driver.

How to Install the Apk

You will easily play this ets 2 mod world game smoothly because the file size in this game is quite friendly for all PCs.

For those of you who don’t know how to install the ETS 2 mod truck ets2 file, you can see the steps as follows.

  • download euro truck simulator 2 mod apk pc First on the link we have shared.
  • Then, extract the ETS 2 game file by right-clicking Extract Here.
  • After you extract it, there will be 2 “Euro Truck Simulator” folders and a “Cr4ck” folder.
  • Please copy the two folders and place them on the storage partition. You can put it on Disk C or D.
  • Open the Cr4ck> bin> win-32 / win-x64 folder (choose according to your windows type).
  • Copy the 4 files in the folder.
  • Next, open the Euro Truck Simulator 2> bin> win-32 / win-x64 folder -> paste (adjust it to your windows type).
  • Open the game via the Eurotruck2 icon.
  • Done.

How to Install Mod

  • Download one of the mods provided.
  • Extract File and copy file with scs format.
  • Move the file to This PC> Documents> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Mod> Here.
  • Done

The advantages of the Latest ETS 2 Mod Game

Who would have thought this game was a very popular game and a necessity that is widely used by PC users. In addition, there are various excellent features that can be obtained during use.

Features in this game include common features found on the play store. But that’s not all, because this Mod game has additional features that won’t be found for free on the play store.

If you want to know what the features of the latest ETS 2 Mod game are like, you can see directly the full features that we provide as follows.

  • Various Livery Available
  • ETS2 Map Mod Indonesia
  • Best Graphics

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