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FB Lite Mod – A highly developed and popular social media that many users use, one of which is Facebook. Even ordinary people are very familiar with social media.

What we do know is that Facebook has a true Web URL that was originally used for access through the Chrome browser or UC Browser via mobile or desktop.

Then along with the development of the era and the emergence of android, facebook which is included in the native application now has a special application version to make it easier when communicating.

FB Lite Mod

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and is owned by almost everyone. Facebook’s popularity is inseparable with the times because through Facebook everyone can be connected without limited distances between continents.

Having a Facebook account is certainly very useful to keep in touch with friends and family.

Apk facebook lite has two versions, the standard version and the lite (small) version. Free Facebook downloads can be downloaded at Playstore or Appstore. For users with high-specification mobile phones, you can use the standard Facebook application that has a modern look.

Meanwhile, for users whose standard cellphone specifications can use the lite version to be lighter and more comfortable when socializing on Facebook. To download Facebook apk lightly, you can download it on Playstore

But it is not uncommon for many people who are bored with the look of the Facebook Lite app that’s all without customization features. Because of the view aspect that is considered normal, many people switch to other platforms that provide more customization for their profile page views.

However, many people still survive using Facebook mod apk and instead choose to use the Facebook application that has been modified.

This application is made specifically for friends who are bored with Facebook look plus more memory that takes a lot of fb applications.

Well the Fb Lite application is very suitable for you who want to look attractive but still light, fast and does not take up much cell phone memory.

However, actually the fb application is more than enough because it has many and useful features, especially now that Facebook ads are available that allow you to get money from this application.

But some users complain about the monotonous look that’s all. That’s why we are here and make this article so that my friend can still use FB without a lot of memory load and of course with a satisfying display.

This application has been modified through a third party that will certainly have the latest features and the best features.

Facebook Lite MOD feature

Facebook Status Update

  • Make color status
  • Can make bold color status
  • Modify the status and background color
  • Change Theme
  • Can make the background status of the image
  • Status gradient background

Animation Effects on Screen

  • Water anomation
  • Fire
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Snow
  • Money falls down
  • Falling leaf

Edge View

This Edge view feature makes the screen appear to look up like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is certainly very cool if this effect is applied to your cellphone friend.

Screen Prank / Broken Screen Effect

Screen prank is also an effect that you can use to decorate your FB lite on your mobile. There are 4 choices of broken screen effects that you can use.

Well, those are cool features that you can use on Facebook MOD that we will be in this article. If you are interested in trying it, you can download fb lite apk via the download button below.

How to Install Fb Lite Mod Apk

  • Download apk facebook
  • Before Installing, you have to activate the unknown or unknown source resource mode in the Settings Menu-> Settings
  • Additional-> Select the Privacy menu.
  • Install Apk
  • Done.

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