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Fouad Whatsapp - Whatsapp is the most popular chat application in the country of Indonesia, beating many other chat applications such as...
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Fouad Whatsapp – Whatsapp is the most popular chat application in the country of Indonesia, beating many other chat applications such as blackberry mesenger and telegram.

Do you already know that there is a WhatsApp version that has a nicer and more attractive appearance than the original version?

The version of whatsapp is called the latest whatsapp fouad, with this version of the whatsapp application you will be able to have a cooler and more attractive appearance of whatsapp.

With this whatsapp fouad application you will have advantages compared to the usual WhatsApp application, here are some features that are different from the usual version:

Fouad Whatsapp feature

This fouad whatsapp feature has many differences compared to the original version of the WhatsApp application, in terms of appearance and in terms of the system that is presented.

This whatsapp version is very interesting, especially with the support for very new features. So that my friend can get more convenience than the original version.

Check out the features in this application:

With this fouad whatsapp version you can have a transparent WhatsApp display. So that your whatsapp appearance will look very interesting.

Because this transparent feature is not in the original version, you can use this version as a replacement.

File Sending Improvements

The second feature is that you can send all existing file formats. With the latest version of WhatsApp, you can send files with various types of formats.

And not only some types of formats, but the data and size that is sent are also added to be even bigger.

So that whatsapp you are using can support the process of sending files that are bear than the original version.

Longer Typing

Apart from sending files of various types of formats and sizes. You can also type more and longer in this version of the fouad whatsapp 2020.

Usually in the original version, WhatsApp can only accommodate up to 200 characters.

But when you use this fouad veri, you will be able to type more than 250 characters and even more than that.

Different Emojis

Friends are bored with the emojis in the original version which seem boring and familiar?

Yes, you can use this fouad whatsapp version to replace old and boring emojis and switch to more interactive and interesting emojis.

And this whatsapp version also provides more than several types of emojis that are in the original version, so you can still use emojis from the original version.

Whatsapp theme

In addition to the emoji feature and several other interesting features, there are still other interesting features, namely the fouad whatsapp theme.

That’s right, by using this version you can install the theme in this version of Fouad. Very different from the original WhatsApp version, where you can’t install a theme, let alone a transparent display.

So you really have to use this version of whatsapp, in addition to the added function of the application, the appearance of this whatsapp is cooler and more interesting.

How To Download Through Our Site

To download the Fouad WhatsApp application via our site is very easy and fast. Follow the steps below:

Press the button above, and my friend will enter our download site.
Wait a few seconds, so that the download button is active
If it is active and appears, you can press it and the download process will run.
Wait for it to finish and save the download file.
Installation Method
The installation method is very easy, because you can download it via our site. Follow the steps below:

Open the application or game file that you downloaded earlier.
Then select install, the installation process will run.
And the process will stop when there is a security message, and allow unknown sources.
Then the installation process will run again until it’s finished.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Mod

But if there are advantages and disadvantages, of course, there are drawbacks in each application. What are the drawbacks of the fouad whatsapp v8.12 apk version?

The first mod version of applications such as Fouad WhatsApp is very prone to being blocked.
Included in a pirated application, so you won’t be able to use it on whatsapp web.
If your OS doesn’t support or your Android operating system doesn’t support it, you will experience a force close.
Application not working on some android phones and experiencing errors or bugs.

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