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Happy Mall Story Mod Apk is one of the games that was successfully developed by Happy Labs with a modified version.
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Do any of you like to play to design a mall? If so, then we highly recommend all of you to use the Happy Mall Story Mod Apk game.

Playing this game, of course, is one of the things that is so much fun, friend.

Moreover, we play by designing a mall like this, of course it becomes one of the things that are very popular with ciwis.

As you know, games like this are certainly very popular with people of all ages.

Starting from children, teenagers, to adults also participate in playing the Happy Mall Story Mod Apk game.

The number of people who have downloaded the game can now be seen in the data in the play store.

How is this game not popular, friend, the article is that the game gives you a lot of fun which of course will not bore its users.

Having a large and luxurious mall is indeed one of the dreams for the players of this game, friend.

Well, one of the things you can find in this game is that you can design a mall.

You can design the mall that you dream of according to your own creativity, friend.

Have any of you ever thought about being able to manage a mall and also become a successful entrepreneur in the mall business?

If any of you have thoughts like that, then it’s better if you just try the Happy Mall Story game first.

there you are free to design the mall of your dreams and you can also have various kinds of shops so that you can enliven the mall that you founded.

You can also set up various boutiques, fast food restaurants, so you can also set up entertainment venues like Timezone.

You can set up shops in the mall with just the touch of a finger, you know, friend. Wow, this game is very interesting isn’t it?

Happy Mall Story Mod Apk Unlimited Coins And Gems

Happy Mall Story Mod Apk is one of the games that was successfully developed by Happy Labs with a modified version.

In the game, it was developed by adding complete features, friend.

In this Happy Mall Story game, you will later become the main shop owner who is the mall owner.

There you will be able to manage and also develop a mall to become a big business.

To achieve big business, the Happy Mall Story game with this modified version has prepared various features that you can later use.

If you use the official version of Happy Mall Story which was downloaded on the google lay store, later you will find features that can be used if you successfully make a payment.

This means that all the features contained in the official version cannot be used for free and you must make a payment first.

However, it’s a different story if you use the mod version of Happy Mall Story, because there you can access all the features for free from the moment you enter the game.

You will be able to access all the features, friend. This feature is intentionally made in a modified version so that it can help you to simplify the processing of your mall business.

The Happy Mall Story game is indeed a simulator genre where every character you see in this game will make you very excited and make you more enthusiastic about playing in the game.

So it’s no longer surprising, friend, if this game has become one of the favorites of the Indonesian people.

Gameplay In Happy Mall Story Apk Android

If we talk about the gameplay in Happy Mall Story, of course the gameplay in it is very exciting and will entertain the users, friend.

Maybe the gameplay in Happy Mall Story is so fun, friend, so many users feel comfortable when playing in the Happy Mall Story.

There are still a lot of people who don’t know what the gameplay is in this Happy Mall Story game.

If you know what the gameplay is in this game, of course you will also be competing to download the game.

So that you are no longer curious about the various kinds of gameplay, then you can just check some of the gameplay below.

1. Mengelola Mall

Agar banyak yang mengunjungi mall yang kamu bangun tersebut, maka kamu juga harus pandai untuk mengelola mall.

Jangan lupa sob, kamu juga harus rajin meng-upgrade mall tersebut dan mengembangkan ide – ide agar mall yang kamu bangun tersebut semakin baik.

Kamu bisa membuat lantai yang baru, menambahkan berbagai toko yang menarik, atau yang lainnya agar pengunjung yang datang ke mall kamu juga semakin banyak.

Selain itu, agar pengunjung yang datang juga semakin banyak, maka kamu juga harus memperluas mall yang kamu miliki tersebu.

Oh iya sob, kamu juga jangan lupa ya untuk melakukan investasi pada mall tersebut.

2. Menggelar Promosi Yang Menarik

Selain kamu mengelola mall tersebut, maka ada hal yang harus kamu lakukan dalam bermain dalam Happy Mall Story ini yaitu menggelar promosi yang menarik untuk para pembeli.

Dengan cara menggelar promosi ini, maka mall kamu juga akan semakin ramai pengunjungnya.

Seperti dengan hal ya dunia nyata, pastinya banyak sekali orang yang tertarik dengan adanya promo atau diskon.

Jadi memang kamu harus benar – benar bisa untuk mengatur strategi untuk menawarkan promosi atau diskon yang menarik untuk para pembeli nanti.

Acara promosi seperti ini sebenarnya bisa dilakukan kapan saja ya sob. Kamu bisa menggelar promosi seperti ini agar kamu juga bisa menambahkan omset penjualan didalam mall tersebut.

3. Banyak Toko Dan pembeli

Jika kamu bermain game seperti Happy Mall Story ini pastinya kamu tidak akan lagi merasa bosan sob.

Dalam membangun dan juga mengelola mall kamu tidak akan merasa bosan dengan mall yang begitu saja sob.

Karena, didalam game tersebut kamu akan bisa menemukan banyak sekali toko dan pembeli yang akan kamu lihat.

Ada 120 toko yang nantinya bisa kamu temukan didalam game tersebut sob, kamu bisa membangun 120 toko tersebut didalam mall yang kamu miliki.

Tak hanya itu saja sob, kamu juga nantinya akan bisa menemukan 30 karakter yang nantinya bisa meramaikan penjualan didalam Happy Mall Story Mod Apk tersebut.

4. Menyelesaikan Misi

Menyelesaikan sebuah misi ini memang menjadi salah satu tujuan utama saat kamu bermain didalam game Happy Mall Story ini ya sob.

Game ini memang tidak jauh dengan game android lainnya ya sob, karena didalam game android lainnya juga pasti kamu akan disuruh untuk menyelesaikan berbagai misi.

Termasuk juga didalam game Happy Mall Story ini yang tentunya mengharuskan kamu untuk menyelesaikan berbagai macam misi agar kamu juga bisa mendapatkan keuntungan yang besar.

Apabila diantara kamu ada yang berhasil untuk menyelesaikan misi – misi tersebut, maka kamu akan mencapai tingkatan yang baru.

Dari misi yang telah kamu selesaikan, tentunya kamu akan mendapatkan hadiah dan bisa digunakan untuk mengembangkan bisnis mall kamu.

5. Permainan Online Dan Offline

Jika diantara kamu memiliki keterbatasan kuota internet, maka kamu bisa mencoba game Happy Mall Story ini karena memang bisa dimainkan secara online maupun offline.

Jika kamu tidak memiliki kuota, maka kamu bisa mencoba memainkan game tersebut dalam mode offline ya sob.

Namun, jika kamu memiliki kuota maka tak ada salah nya jika kamu memainkannya secara online ya sob.

Game yang satu ini memang menjadi salah satu solusi untuk mengisi waktu kosong apabila kamu suntuk dan tidak memiliki kuota dirumah.

Game ini memang hampir mirip sekali dengan Hotel Story Resort Simulation Mod Apk Indonesia Unlimited Money Terbaru

How to Install the Application?

After you have successfully downloaded the Happy Mall Story game file, the next thing you need to do is install the game.

No need to talk a lot, bro, you can just do the permissions so you can install the application.

  • First you go to the Settings section
  • There are so many options, you click the Security menu
  • Then you will find Install Unknown Sources, you can just tick it
  • You click the downloaded application file and tap Install
  • Finished

Interesting Features In Happy Mall Story Mod Apk

In addition to the gameplay provided in this Happy Mall Story Mod game, there may also be some features that you can find in it.

Curious about what features can be found in this Mod Version of Happy Mall Story? Let’s see below!

  • You will get unlimited money
  • Unlimited Diamonds, Crystals, Golds, Gems and also Coins
  • Free from annoying ads
  • You no longer need to make any purchases in the game
  • All features are open and can be used for free

That’s the excitement in this Happy Mall Story Mod Apk that you really need to know.

If you are interested and interested in the game, then you can immediately try the game, friend.

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