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Higgs Dominoes Mod Apk. Download the Latest Version 1.79 Domino Application Mod X8 Speeder, Anti Banned and Unlimited Coin
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Welcome back, friend, still with the cool admin who always provides interesting information for all of you. On this occasion the admin wants to share the most hits game Higgs Domino Mod APK

Now what the admin will share below is the latest version of Higgs Domino which already has X8 Speeder in the application.

Friends who usually install X8 speeder manually, can now easily get this game’s speed-up feature.

Just like its predecessor Higgs Domino Rp., in the Higgs Domino mod Apk V.1.79 application, there is no prominent difference yet.

The latest version, which was just shared by the official website idomino.topbos.com, immediately became a hit and the target of domino players.

Because of the rumors, the application version 1.79 higgs domino mod has a higher winning rate playing games than in the previous version.

Well, friends who are already curious about the Higgs domino mod apk latest version 2022, the admin has prepared the download link below.

So you don’t need to be confused about where to find the application file.

Yok, keep watching the reviews from admin, friend..

Download Higgs Domino Speeder Application

It’s still the same in the previous version, some of the appearances in this game haven’t changed much, friend, besides that there aren’t many new games released yet.

Ok bro, just download it right away..

Higgs Domino Mod Apk App Details

Higgs Dominoes Mod Apk App Name
File Size 79 MB
Application Version Version 1.79
Recommended Operating System Android V.7.0
idomino.topbos.com Official Website
Developer Higgs Game
So, friends, please download the application HERE.. Because this is a modified application from the nation’s children, there are additions that according to the admin are a little unique.

You can choose which one to use according to the specs of the device you are using. And for the installation method, the admin has prepared steps that you can follow..

Yo check it bro..

Domino App Installation V.1.79

Because this is the latest modified application that is not released on the Playstore, you really have to download and install the application manually.

But for those of you whose device has been installed with the original Higgs Domino Island from the Playstore, please unmount it first, friend.

Because there will be clashes when the installation is done directly

How to Install the Higgs Domino Mod Apk application, unlimited Money

First, my friend, enable Access Allow Install from unknown sources in Security and Privacy Settings
After confirming that it is active, my friend, open the Domino Mod V.179 Apk File in the File Manager
Tap Install, wait until the installation is successful, friend..
Okay, now is the time for my friend to use the latest higs domino mod apk application with a variety of cool features in it.

But before the admin explains the various excellent features in this application, you must first know how to use it.

How to Register Higgs Domino Apk Speeder

How to register and login in this application is still the same, friend, the same as the predecessor application.

So, for example, if you have registered on the Higgs Domino Island Official Application, you can reuse that account in the higgs domino mod apk application.

Because these two games have the same server that can be accessed. In addition, you will not lose chips or coins in your old account.

Or for those of you who want to register for a new account, in the current version, you can register via phone number.

Wow, dominoes are getting cooler now.

But you need to know, yes, a mobile number that has been registered on Higgs Dominoi Island, cannot register a new account.

There you will login to the account with the number registered in the account. This is suitable for friends who have forgotten their login ID or password.

Well, friends, just go ahead and get the various excellent features that you will get after using this higgs domino mod apk application.

New Features of Higgs Domino x8 Speeder

The excellent features that you will get after using this application, the admin has summarized below, friend.

Pay attention to the cool features in this application, friend, it’s guaranteed to be more comfortable playing the domino game..

  • Unlimited Coins, in this latest modified version v.1.79 you will get unlimited coins or chips, friend. In a sense, my friend can play various cool games that use coins easily.
  • Ad-free, this higgs domino mod apk application will block various ads that are quite annoying when playing, this is really helpful for us, friends, playing dominoes becomes more focused without any ad distractions.
  • Installed X8 Speeder, this is one of the favorites of domino users, where if the old version or original version you have to install the x8 speeder manually. Now my friend can immediately set the speeder and start playing
  • Display design, in the download link that the admin shared there are two links where one of the links is the result of the modification of the nation’s children by modifying the appearance of the game so that it is more unique and interesting.
  • New Songs, in addition to the modified display, there are additional dj songs that are really hits, friend. Indeed, the work of this nation’s children is really cool, so the admin doesn’t get bored playing dominoes while filling his spare time.
    Oh, friends, in addition to the cool features above, the admin has also prepared several excellent games that are ready to be played.

All games feel more fun with a fresh look and the help of a speeder that will make the game more exciting.

Featured Game Dominoes Mod Apk

All the games on Higgs Domino Island are really favorites, friends, especially if we can win all the time and collect chips so much faster.

It’s fun playing games, it doesn’t take long and collects chips quickly.

Here are some of the best games recommended by the admin in this application.

  • Gaple Card Game, one of the admin’s favorite games available on all versions of the higgs domino application. This game with many opponents, you can play and win this game
  • The Qiu Qiu Card Game, another popular game on higgs domino island, is now still here with an updated look that is more friendly and with the help of the x8 speeder your game will be more exciting and you can win easily.
  • Card 4-1, the next game to be recommended by the admin is this 4-1 card game, friend, besides being an exciting game here, you can also collect chips easily. but sometimes the admin gets annoyed when he gets a bigger opponent
  • Ludo, the admin’s most popular and most favorite game, friend, playing this game can lose track of time, especially if we keep on winning. It doesn’t really feel like wasting time while playing this game.
  • BlackJack card, one of the new games in this application, friend, is now available in the hiiggs domino mod apk v.1.79 version. Previously there were only Texas games available, now they are more widespread. I really understand the developers and the players’ wishes.
  • Domino slot, a game that is currently being loved, friend. Because in the claim this game can produce chips easily, and winning a jackpot is also the goal of users.

Besides some of the games above, there are other interesting games that you really have to try. Some of these games are also favorites of domino users such as

  • Hoe Card Game
  • Windfall Fortune Game
  • Domino Chess
  • Fafafa
  • Remi
  • 5 Dragons
  • So, those are some games that you can play with the latest higgs domno mod apk application.

Of course, I can’t wait to try a cool game on the domino mod apk with the help of this speeder.


Before ending the review about the game, which is really hits, the domino mod apk, there are important points that you must pay attention to.

Because this is a modified application from a third party and outside the official developer, don’t store too many chips in your account, friend.

Because it is feared that the system is tracking your account and using applications outside the Playstore is something illegal which can result in the account being blocked.

Okay, that’s all the information that the lppdjatim.id admin can provide this time, hopefully it’s useful for all of you and I’ll see you in another article…

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