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This Hotel Story Resort Simulation Mod Apk is indeed one of the games that has been successfully modified so that its users can make it easier to play
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Hotel Story Game now may have a lot of fans. Because this hotel simulator game is very entertaining for its users.

If among all of you who like to play games with hotal themes, then Hotel Story Game is one of the applications that we highly recommend for all of you.

Why is that? Because there will be lots of things that will entertain you all when using this one game.

Especially now that it comes with a mod version which certainly provides a lot of fun compared to the modified version.

Not only that, friend, you will also be able to access various interesting features that you can use for free with the mod version.

In this Hotel Story Game, you will be able to build your dream hotel, friend.

However, if you want to build a hotel, of course, you also have to have resources such as coins or diamonds.

Of course, you also have to multiply coins if you want to expand your dream hotel or also to add various items so that the hotel you build becomes the best hotel.

To be able to get these coins or diamonds, of course there are several missions and also efforts that you have to do in them.

However, if you use this mod version, you don’t have to bother anymore to look for coins so you can build hotels and buy various other items.

Because in the mod version you will get features such as unlimited money which is certainly very helpful for all of you.

So, that’s one of the advantages that this Hotel Story Resort Simulator Mod has.

Actually there are many other advantages that this mod version has. So it’s no longer surprising that many want to use the mod version.

If you want to find out more information about this Hotel Story Game Online, then you can check out the review that gave, friend.

Hotel Story Game Mod English

Before we go into further discussion, then you just need to know about this Hotel Story Game, friend.

This Hotel Story Resort Simulation Mod Apk is indeed one of the games that has been successfully modified so that it is easier for users to play the game.

If you play in the game, it is guaranteed that you will no longer feel bored.

Because in the game later you will become a hotel owner which of course you can build your dream hotel, friend.

Because you are the owner of the hotel, you will be free to choose the building, hotel design, and management which can be arranged according to your individual wishes.

Not only that, friend, you will also be presented with a variety of interesting facilities.

There are approximately 300 facilities and decorations that you can use, and you will also be able to find up to 20 unique characters when using this mod version.

What’s unique about this game is that you can not only work in hotels, friends, but you will also be able to take part in various quests.

Well, with this quest, you can later use it so that you can enlarge the hotel business that you build.

With the excitement that is in this game, it is what makes the game always crowded with people who download it.

Even though using the official version is so much fun, using this mod version is no less exciting, you know, friend.

If any of you want to download the Hotel Story game with this mod version, then you can’t get it through the application store.

Because you really need a special link in order to download it.

Don’t worry, friends, in this discussion, we have prepared a special download link for the Hotel Story game, bro. That’s why you just read the article on until it’s finished.

Gameplay Hotel Story Mod Apk

Before you download this Hotel Story game, then you need to know first some of the interesting gameplay provided in the game.

Well, maybe there are some of you who want to feel like living in a 5-star hotel, right?

Don’t worry, friends, because in this Hotel Story game you will find a complete service with 5 star hotels.

We highly recommend all of you to try to play this hotel story game because the gameplay provided is quite simple but very interesting, friend,

In this game, you will indeed be able to find genres that take inspiration from normal life.

If you are curious about the game, then you should know first, friend, some of the gameplay available in Hotel Story.

Make Repairs And Invest

If you want to satisfy the customers who come to your hotel, then you also need to make improvements and also invest in the hotel you built.

You need to repair the hotel into a 5-star resort so that more customers will come.

In order to increase the number of customers, you also need to add some services such as Cafe, Restaurant, Gift Shop. Billiard Room or something else.

You do need to add some interesting services so that your hotel visitors will get more and more money, friend.

Designing and Building a 5-Star Hotel

Here, too, you will find gameplay such as designing or building a 5-star hotel like we dreamed of, friend.

However, if you want to do a design or also build a hotel, then you have to be careful, friend.

Because, every hotel building or service in the hotel that you build, then everything must be repaired.

Because, if there are customers who complain about the reputation of your hotel, then later your customers will also decrease.

So that you can also have a 5-star resort, you also have to increase the hotel land area, friend.

By expanding the land, then later you will also be able to add some other interesting decorations.

Of course, there are many hotel decorations that you can choose from and you can create according to your individual wishes.

Starting a Business

Like in other simulation games or even in real life, that if you are an entrepreneur you must also do business, right?

Well, in this Hotel Story game, of course, you can do business, you know, friend. There you will be able to find friends with whom you can do business.

Besides that, you can also visit your friend’s hotel and you can also see some of the decorations they made.

That’s where you can see and develop ideas from your friends’ decorations to make your hotel more attractive.

If the decoration of your hotel is attractive, then of course there will also be more visitors who will come.

Start the hotel business that you created from scratch and develop it to become a 5-star hotel.

So that’s it, friends, some of the gameplay that you can find later on the Hotel Story Game Mod Apk.

If you are interested in trying to play in the game, then you can just download it.

How to Use Hotel Story Apk

Well, after you have got the application file, then the next thing is we will tell you all how to be able to use the game.

Before you can use this game, you have to do permission first, friend.

And one more thing, you also have to provide a smooth internet connection so that the licensing process on the application can run smoothly.

If so, then you can then do things like the following.

  • You go to the Settings or Settings menu to be able to do permissions
  • Then, enable Install Unknown Sources
  • If you have then you go to the application which can be found in the Storage Folder
  • Click Install
  • The application will be installed soon and you just wait
  • When it is installed, you can immediately open the application
  • In the game, you can just enter the name of the hotel you want
  • After that, you can also fill in your profile photo with several available avatars
  • Start building the hotel you dream of by decorating it as best you can, friend
  • Good luck

Some Interesting Features In Hotel Story Game Online

After you enter the Hotel Story Game Mod Version, you will immediately find several features in it.

Maybe some people haven’t been able to see some of the features available in this Hotel Story Mod game, friend.

Actually, for this feature, this modified version is far superior to the official version.

If you haven’t been able to find what features are available in this mod version, then you can see some of the available features as we have explained below.

  • Unlimited Money and Coins, you can use to buy various items without having to bother looking for money and coins.
  • Unlimited Gems, This is a gem that you can later use to build all the facilities in Hotel Story.
  • Unlock All Features, All features and items you don’t need to bother buying, because everything in this mod version is already open and you can use it for free.

Hotel Story Game Resort Simulation Mod Apk is indeed widely used by all circles.

Because, in the game you will be able to learn to be a hotel owner and can start a business from zero to become a 5-star hotel.

By playing in the game you will also feel entertained and of course you will not feel bored, friend.

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