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HTTP Injector – Hello everyone back again with us at Aptoide who always provide the latest Apps, Games and Tips tricks every day. This time we will recommend the best application and tips tricks. Are you curious? Immediately, see the reviews below, buddy …

Internet needs become daily food for us all, both to entertain ourselves and work. However, we will feel bored when the quota is in crisis and there is no quota at all.

Moreover, we do not have money like a ladder overflowing anyway. Until I thought about how to browse without using a free internet alias quota.

There are so many ways to get free internet that is by using an application that is HTTP Injector, this free internet http injector can be downloaded by my friend in PlayStore, later we will share all the applications in this article.

HTTP Injector

However, you are a little confused about how to use http injector settings on all 3 providers, AXIS, XL, Telkomsel or other operators that are now starting to be in great demand by friends who like to use a cell phone using smarthpone.

It turns out that there is already its own application settings, if you want free internet. Well maybe there are still some who are still unfamiliar with the settings of this application for Android users who still don’t know.

But for those who like to search for free internet, this application is highly recommended of course. Unfortunately, there have been many users who have tried using the application but have still not been successful in using it.

The main obstacle for users is the difficulty in making settings on their Android smartphones. If you fall into that category, you are very fortunate to have visited this article, because we will review everything about free internet.

Application Features

This application has a variety of functions that do not belong to similar applications. At least the main functions are as follows:

  • No root required.
  • Service provider functions.
  • Application filters.
  • Data compressor.
  • Possibility to use Google DNS or Proxy DNS.
  • Serves to save battery.
  • Protect connections by SSH tunneling.
  • Ability to designate proxies and send access requests.
  • Configure alternative HTTP.
  • Supports Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Charge the generator.

How to Setting HTTP

This type of application basically configures a special HTTP header that is used to connect SSH / Proxy, and provides access to the web that is blocked by a firewall through SSH tunneling with integrated VPN.

With Android, you can safely access any web, protect your identity, and search for data. It is protected from hackers and other threats hidden in WiFi networks and can hide IPs while browsing the Internet.
HTTP Injector is an android application that is used to run Secure Shell (SSH) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is made in such a way that it can produce a secure connection.

While in addition to the settings on the SSH account in this application there is also a Payload Generator that has a function to generate payload methods that are used for free internet.

Meanwhile there are also other supporting tools such as IP HOST Checker and Hunter. This IP Hunter is used to change the original proxy from the operator service provider.

For this application it turns out that a lot of users download just to surf freely without using a data plan or quoata or credit.

You can download this application on Playtore. No need to worry, buddy, with what card you use because this free internet HTTP Injector application is available or can be used for all types of operators (Indosat, XL, Smartfren, Telkomsel, Three and so on.

Protection of privacy when surfing the Internet continues to increase. Data and identity theft is the main thing, so there is never a bad idea to do as much as you can.

How to use ?

First, the HTTP Injector application is downloaded from Playstore and installed or downloaded using an APK file on the website that provides it

Next, step by step follow the following application: Open the application and enter the payload settings to simplify the use of the payload generator on the left side of the HTTP injector.

Then you will be asked to fill out information on the Payload Generator page. Some parts that need to be filled are

  • URL / host: Fill in with operator error
  • Query Method: Click Front Query
  • Request method: Click Connect
  • Additional headers: Click Host online
  • In the next step, click Generate Payload and return to the main page.

Enter the remote proxy that matches the operator’s proxy

The next step is to set SSH. Click the menu to the right of the HTTP injector. The following sections must be completed:

  • SSH Host: filled in with SSH Host
  • SSH Port: Fit to SSH, the default is 443.
  • Username: Free
  • Password: Enter a password that is very easy to remember
  • After the SSH settings are complete, return to the home menu and click Start

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