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IndoXXI Apk – Became one of the pioneers who watched movie streaming sites in Indonesia. Their existence is actually a territory gray or rather illegal. Not surprisingly, this website changed domains frequently as access was blocked by regulators.

Users have heard how often the Indoxxi domain has changed. You can also enter an incorrect domain name because there are so many similar names on the internet. This could also be the reason why this application was born with the name XX1 Lite.

Previously, Android applications were based on Google The Play Store can now be downloaded directly from the official website. With this application you can also watch streaming movies without access to a web browser. At least it is not necessary to remember the names of many domains in the index.


IndoXXI or XX1 Indo21 is an online service provider within the meaning of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Monitor and significantly protect the rights of individual copyright holders in compliance with the Copyright Act.
If you are the owner of the content displayed on IndoXXI or XX1 and do not want to use this content.

Light capacity

The size of the XX1 Lite application file is not large, only about 1.3 MB. Interesting about this application, its complete film inventory and updated. The user interface is fairly simple, does not look difficult, is easy on the eye and very comfortable.

In the title, the film’s search and filter function is based on your settings. The search form then contains a menu based on movie categories starting from the most recent, western, japanese, korean, mandarin, indian, western series, korean drama, asian drama, Anime series, anime films, cartoon series, Kartune films and others.


If you are concerned about many ads on Indoxxi, you might like this XXi Lite application. Because until this message comes out If you watch several films in XX1 Lite, there are no annoying advertisements. Yes, it’s easy to watch movies When entering or searching for a menu, click the movie thumbnail and then press the Play button.

For the quality of the film itself, XXI Lite provides information about the maximum resolution of the desired film. As well Server selection. And all this information is shown on the screen of the movie you are playing or changing The resolution settings are as simple as clicking 1080p, 720p, or other resolution settings. Depends on the film you want to see. By installing the XX1 Lite application, you also don’t have to look for permanent changes to the Indox domain address she


This program was rated 4.5 by 3.927 users using this program. This application is registered in the Game Store and in the category of free entertainment games. More information about the company / contractor can be found on the Indoxxi Lite website who developed it. You can download and install the Indoxx1 Lite APK on Android 4.1 and Android devices

  • Update to XX1 LITE 2.1.2
  • IndoXXI’s new brand / brand range (XX1),
  • Increase flexibility and small improvements.


For downloaded / downloaded movies, it is expected that the picture will be played first when the picture is during a game
appears under the smartphone screen (make sure the phone has enough storage space).

The results of all downloads can be found in the Explorer / File Manager -> Storage / Phone Storage -> Download File folder


  1. Real films.
  2. Add movie.
  3. Add to playlist.
  4. Crime.
  5. See 21 films online
  6. For viewing Indoxx1 Android films
  7. Watch Indoxxi Lite android movies
  8. See free movie trailer
  9. See Indonesian article

Indoxxi Lite 2.1.2 APK requires the following permissions on your Android device:

  • Open an internet connection.
  • Access to network information.
  • Here you can find information about the Wi-Fi network.
  • Prevent the microprocessor from going to sleep or the screen from going dark.
  • Describe the external storage.
  • Change the international audio settings.


This tool does not save any suitable protection files (DMCA can be read on the INDOXXI & laymarkacA21 website). It is fun watching. Don’t forget to download and update the INDOXXI Lite application terms.

Films that are updated daily by thousands of people. In addition to the latest popular films, there are also films, cartoons and sports films such as drama Korean, American are available every day and can be viewed for free.


This application offers a free movie making service for lovers / aspiring lovers of XX1 on Android. This application uses metabolic search technology and does not save your movie files.

You can enjoy Indoxx 1 Watch West films, Korean dramas, Japanese LC21 films, indo films, cartoons, anime, etc. And will help Here you will find all current series, TV programs and INDOXXI programs. Indoxxi LK21 movie streaming can be enjoyed by Android application there are movie updates every day. Download Indoxxi Lite for Android for free now.

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