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Maybe many think that the application for watching videos in real time is only available on Youtube, but there are several Live Broadcast 18 APK platforms that are just as popular as the live streaming platform.

Moreover, the advantages we get are shows that have 18 elements such as those in the China live broadcast app 18 apk. Therefore many are looking for it even though it is difficult to find.

Recommended Live Broadcast 18 APK Bar Bar Indo

If we compare with ordinary live streaming platforms, they have very strict rules and conditions that make hosts unable to do many reckless actions.

Because of that, the number of live broadcast apps 18 mod APK is quite a lot, starting from within the country to abroad. Especially the ones that serve Indo hosts who are so barbaric.

Previously the live broadcast app 18 apk 2019 was not as much as in the current year. As a result of the popularity of live streaming platforms such as Bigo Live, this type of application has emerged. Here are the recommendations below.

Dream Live – live Broadcast App 18 Mod Apk

This application, which is often referred to by many users as the green APK platform, provides the most recent live streaming content.

In fact, many users have switched to using this application as a top priority to watch the most barbaric host with such severe action.

Moreover, the wild Indo host who will accompany you all day for 24 hours is a pity if you don’t download it.

In terms of features, this application is not much different from Bling2 which has a menu of popular or hot categories which contains beautiful girls with fairly minimal clothes.

Not to mention that third parties from this application always provide updated versions that can maximize the performance of this APK. As a result we can see the MOD unlock room update or get a better screen without bugs.

Yoha Live

Yoha Live is an application that is starting to rise because of its many features that are quite refreshing to the eyes of the men who watch it.

Moreover, it has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users and the number is increasing as time goes by. time.

Maybe the application you used before was boring enough because you have watched the host several times.

That’s why Yoha Live Mod APK offers you different hosts and quite a lot of them provide the best service. One of them is bar action bar which is wilder than other apps.

You don’t need to be surprised if this application has a large number of viewers, because many users don’t log in. This is the advantage of the MOD version of the unlock room that we share.

Actually there are other features such as screenshots and screen recording to record rare moments in front of you.

ImLive APK

Do you like mixed live streaming apps? if so, the ImLive MOD APK application we really recommend at this time.

Besides being able to watch hosted bars from Indo, users can also enjoy live streaming from abroad such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and other ASEAN countries.

Therefore, if many are looking for Thai live streaming APKs, this application can be the best recommendation for you, even though there are not so many.

This application offers convenience for those of you who want to find hosts from different countries. One of them has a filter feature with each country’s flag.

In addition, you can also search for hosts without thinking about where they come from, you can choose the “All” menu. Both of these are your choice.

Tata Live

Furthermore, the application that is most sought after by internet users because there are many severe bar actions that you have never seen before.

Especially with so many Indo hosts who can’t control themselves in providing live content. Therefore this app is not available on Google Play Store and App Store.

The fact that many hosts of other applications have moved to this platform has made the name Tata Live Mod APK very popular. As a result, many users will visit this application.

As in the previous application, Tata Live APK as a global application also has hosts located abroad, so viewers will be confused about which room to choose.

In addition, there are various interesting classic games such as card games, dominoes that we often see in other applications.

Current users who want to try it can immediately get the latest updates. Even the MOD feature allows users to open premium rooms for free.

Boom Live

A row of the best live streaming applications that are still used today is Boom Live. For explorers of applications like this, of course, many are familiar with it.

There are many hosts that you can find, ranging from singers, comedians, culinary hunters to hosts who only share stories with the audience.

Besides that, the most interesting of course there is a live streaming with very barbaric action. Usually, a lot of this kind of action they broadcast in the middle of the night.

Users don’t need to prepare a lot of coins to be able to open their VIP room, because we already have a MOD version that you can directly download with any Android-based device.

Therefore, users must have unlimited and fast internet access so that there is no lag or delay in the broadcast.

Papaya Live

The last Indo bar live streaming application recommendation, we give to Papaya Live. This application that came to the fore in 2021 really caught the attention of many users.

The reason is, the applications available on the Google Play Store have naughty hosts and bars that are almost the same as other platforms.

Because of that, the application was immediately downloaded because we don’t have to worry about the security of this application for users who don’t want to take the risk of the MOD application.

Even so, not a few of them are still looking for the MOD version to take advantage of premium features for free.

One of them is the Room Ticket which should be obtained by top up. But, this time you can directly break through the room with just one click.

Recommended China Live Broadcast App 18 APK Bar Bar

Not quite satisfied with the live streaming application hosted by Indo only? this time we also provide the best recommendations for severe China live APK for free.

Chinese live applications are indeed quite difficult to find in the usual way because many use Chinese characters which almost all users do not understand.

In other words, you don’t need to search one by one because the application is already available with additional features. Here is a collection of these applications below.


The current Chinese live streaming application makes users quite entertained, especially for users from outside China such as Indonesia.

What this app has to offer makes us very impressed. Moreover, many hosts from China are ready to entertain us.

In fact this application is a little confusing because there are some parts that use mandarin language along with the letters. Especially when we register an account or log in.

Even so, users will not feel this because third parties have added features to allow users to log in without logging in.

That way users will be able to enjoy many premium rooms that contain beautiful and clear hosts. When will users be able to watch the original Chinese hosts, of course, many are bored with the Chiindo half-blood hosts.

In addition, this application provides hosts from other countries such as Indonesia and other Asian countries. Maybe this app will become very popular in the next few months.

JZ TV Live

In addition to the China Elelive live streaming application, there is one more application that we really recommend because this platform hosts many of the most barbaric and naughty hosts ever.

We make sure that this application is almost entirely populated by Chinese hosts. You can see that in the language used by this platform.

This is different from previous applications that still use international languages ​​to attract hosts from other countries. This can also be a drawback as not all users understand.

However, even so, you can rely on experience in browsing live streaming applications that you have used before.

In addition, users can also get the experience of playing exciting games presented by this application. With the condition that the user must log in.

So users who only want to watch live streaming, you don’t need to log in. We make sure to be able to go directly to the host page only directly.

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