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New Version is a battle royale game, right worden geselecteerd voor een bepaald moment! Beat other players in the battle arena and conquer the leaderboard charts!
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Description is a battle royale game, right worden geselecteerd voor een bepaald moment! Beat other players in the battle arena and conquer the leaderboard charts!

Verwante zoekopdrachten voor survive the grand battle, collect epic loot, improve your character’s fighting skills! You can find more doe mee met de in the batte royale game!


  • Hoofd online and offline
  • Fight against real players
  • Enjoy different locations
  • Lots of new holds
  • Choose your weapon from a variety of magic ammo
  • Different models
  • Complete daily missions
  • Get unique gifts & weapons will become your favorite battle royale game! A great combination of amazing graphics and exciting game modes. Upgrade your heroes, improve your fighting skills and stay in the arena as long as possible and survive! Prevent the attacks of your enemies and destroy them with all your magical abilities!

Naar de become champion? Ga voor het bekijken van de game io battle royale! Yes fight!

You can also play offline if you don’t have an internet connection.

Magica Io Mod APK Special Features

So as the admin said above, where the magica io mod apk 2021 application will provide its own privileges. Because as we know the modified application will add to the satisfaction because we can enjoy a variety of features.

But in general, some of the advantages of the special features of a modified application, will provide satisfaction regarding the related game. So it’s the same as opening some access to download magica io apk unlimited diamonds that are locked in the game.

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Also make purchases of magica io apk free shopping on games with unlimited money, a feature that you won’t be able to get. Because most of the official versions of magica io applications require you to recharge.

So, these are some of the special features of magica io mod apk 2022 that you will get when you use the modified version of the application.

  1. No Ads
    Certainly like most other modified applications that provide access without ads. So it is the same with the magica io apk 13 23 application. Which will also provide user convenience by eliminating ads.

Because basically in the official version of the magica io application, there are still many ads that suddenly appear in the middle of the game. Which then becomes something that is somewhat disturbing, friend. But with this APK, you will get a lot of convenience.

  1. Unlimited Coins
    Then is a feature that is a specialty of the magica io mod apk 13 23. Which you also won’t get when you use the official version of the magica io application. Because the modified version will give you a lot of convenience to play.

In addition, with unlimited money and coins, you will easily buy various needs needed in the game. So that the game will be more interesting, with a variety of items you can buy.

  1. Unlock Game Levels
    So the next advantage that you will get is to open levels in the game. Which will also increase your satisfaction to play the magica io mod apk 13 23 game more satisfactorily.

In addition, by opening game levels, there will be more choices of games that you can enjoy and play easily. An advantage that is difficult to get, because in the official version the level only opens after winning the game.

  1. Unlock Hero Characters
    Of course, unlocking characters to use them as heroes in the game, can only be done on a purchase basis. Which also requires you to reload to do so.

But with the modified application, you will get the convenience of enjoying various characters easily, friend. Because many hero characters have been opened and ready to use..

  1. Varied Game Modes
    Finally, an advantage of this modified game is that you will easily enjoy the game in a number of modes that you can choose to play. So it’s really suitable when you want to enjoy the more interesting variations of the magica io mod apk 13 23 game.

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