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Ninja Heroes - Hello Aptoide friends, meet again with us, who always provide the latest information and tutorials on technology and applications, this...
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Ninja Heroes – Hello Aptoide friends, meet again with us, who always provide the latest information and tutorials on technology and applications, this time we will provide information as well as tricks and tips for you guys.

Games are entertainment media that are often chosen to fill up leisure time and have fun, many games themselves are lifted from cartoon story or film essays, one of the Japanese cartoon-themed games or commonly called this anime is ninja heroes game apk.

Many anime-themed games, yesterday we have never discussed this anime-themed game, many are indeed android or pc-based games with anime themes, because the storyline of the anime is very interesting.

No doubt a lot of game developers who glance at the making of this anime-themed game, good prospects make many game developers make anime-themed games, because fans of one of the anime quite a lot in various countries, opening opportunities for the game itself.

Because a game can be said to be successful, because there are many players or active players in the game, and the game is able to develop each patch well and get high player ratings.

For an explanation of this ninja heroes game apk we will describe the important points in this game, from the gameplay of the ninja heroes game and provide information about the mod version, and tutorials on how to unlimited it, keep watching this article buddy.

Ninja Heroes Android

Ninja Heroes is an RPG game with the theme of Naruto anime. The players are required to train their own ninjas to fight many enemies, you can train one ninja to start this game, but will increase as the game goes up to a higher level.

The total ninja that you can practice are a hundred ninja or ninja characters, ninja characters created based on figures from Naruto, such as the Ninja Kyuubi apk, but there are some that are not.

In the battle or batel in this game it is also very easy, my friends do not have to press some skiil or combo skills to attack, and my friends in the game can watch the attacks to the enemy without full control.

But my friend can see the appearance of animation when using attacks on enemies that are almost similar to the animation, so that makes players more appreciate when playing like watching the anime.

You can also upgrade to villages that you have, such as training the skills of the ninja, to increase so that the skills in each ninja go up to a higher level, not only that, you can also arrange the formation of ninja that will be brought to fight and recruit new and still ninja much more.

Ninja Heroes Gameplay Review

For the gameplay itself, there are many types and functions, we will here provide an explanation of the game play available in the game Ninja Heroes, more details are below.


The most basic thing in this rpg genre game is leveling, leveling aims to increase strength, without a high level buddy will have difficulty in winning a victory, especially in the ninja heroes game that the longer the enemy the more difficult.

For those of you who play this game, it is worth paying attention to this leveling, because the level is also needed not only for ninja, but for the village or villager friend, the higher the level of the village will be stronger in defense and attack, and produce more resources .

because the higher the vilage or friend’s village, there will be more open equioments that can help win the match.

Character grade

Furthermore, for my friend to be able to build a great attack, it must have a ninja or hero that has a grade or a high level, in this game hero or ninj adi for based on the grade in letters, from A, B, C, for ninjas that have grades A, the better, and vice versa if it has a grade below A, it is not good.

Like the get trich game, the higher the grade the ninja ski is the better, so that your ninja wants to have a good grade, my friend can focus on just one hero, so the equipment is only aimed at upgrading one ninja, and so the ninja the friend you focus on will quickly go up in grade or level.

so from the explanation we can give, the most important thing in playing this game is not too ambitious to raise the level quickly but in the wrong way, then your village or village can develop prematurely.

Fitur Game Ninja Heroes Mod Apk

  • Sekarang sobat dapat mengumpullan 100 ninja dengan skill yang berbeda beda.
  • Pelajari Jutsu lebih banyak termasuk Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Dojutsu dan Senjutsu.
  • Mendapatkan kekuatan tambahan dengan binatang peliharaan seperti jincuriki.
  • Sekarang tersedia pertarungan antar player di sebuah arena secara bersamaan.
  • Upgrade ninja yang sobat miliki dan ikuti semua kompetisi dan pelatihan ninja agar ninja sobat semakin hebat.
  • Tersedia mode otomatis, yaitu mode dimana sobat dapat menghancurkan musuh secara otomatis, semakin mudah dan sederhana.
  • Permainan yang berbayar dan sobat dapat menambahkan item yang lainnya.
  • Hubungkan ke jaringan internet untuk melakukan komunikasi atau pertempuran antar sesama player.

Cara Instal Ninja Heroes Unlimited

  • Siapkan file yang sudah sobat download tadi, dan buka atau klik dua kali pada file.
  • Maka proses instalasi akan berjlan, kemudian ada pesan “izinkan aplikasi dari sumber yang tidak diketahui” maka klik izinkan.
  • Bisa di atur lewat menu setting pada ponsel juga pada bagian keamanan.
  • Maka proses instalasi berlanjut, dan tunggu hingga selesai dan buka game nya.

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