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Og Instagram is included in the unofficial Instagram application that can be used to access accounts, publish photos, follow other....
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Oginsta Plus – Hello, back with us at Aptoide. As usual we always provide application or game recommendations.

Having social media is a daily necessity, one of which is Instagram. Who doesn’t know this very popular application? Smartphone users will not feel complete if they don’t install this one application.

Have you ever thought whether Instagram has a modified version like WhatsApp or line? An unofficial party application that has more capabilities than the official application.

It turns out that this application known as an image and video collection application also has something similar. The application name is oginsta.

Og Insta Plus

Og Instagram is included in the unofficial Instagram application that can be used to access accounts, publish photos, follow other Instagram users, and do more things like the official Instagram application. The difference and the advantage is that this application can allow you to download photos and videos from Instagram.

You could say this application is exactly the same starting from the entire OGInstagram interface, this is very similar to the official Instagram application, except at the top of this application it says “OGInstagram” and not “Instagram”, well it is almost like the whatsapp mod, whose official version reads Whatsapp and does not officially say GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus.

Meanwhile, other parts such as profiles, such as photos, search utilities and others, have almost the same shape.

If the main advantage of OGInstagram when compared to the official Instagram application is that when you press the button to share, you will see the option of sharing an image or video link, you can directly download the image and video files.

The download will run in the background and will go directly to the download or download folder.

Og Instagram apk is an Instagram client that offers more benefits than the official application, namely Instagram. By using this application, the process of downloading images and videos will certainly feel easier.

Og Insta feature

Before downloading oginsta, my friend can see some of the features on og insta below. OGInsta has come with many new features, your friends may be surprised if you can download all of them from Instagram,

You will find additional features that you are looking for, while maintaining the original appearance on Instagram, which provides comfort for you, where you can control everything on Instagram such as:

Two Instagram Applications: You can use 2 Instagram Plus applications on the same Android device because OGInsta comes with different package names. Say Og Insta is a clone application.

Facebook Login: You can login to Instagram plus your Facebook account.

Download Photos: You can download any image from Instagram easily.

Download Videos: You can download any video from Instagram with one click.

Download Stories: Buddy download any story from the story bar with just one click.

Follow Indicators: You can see if someone is following you on their page.

Profile Picture: You can see full profile picture size in “Long Click”.

Video Player: Can start video automatically with sound.

Copy Text: You can copy the status text and other people’s comments.

Share: can directly share URL to any application (WhatsApp).

Bio: You can copy the Bio of any Instagram user.

Language: OGInsta Plus supports many new languages ​​that are not on Instagram (Arabic).

How to Install Instaplus Oginsta

It is very easy to install the Oginsta application, if you don’t know it, you can see the steps below:

  • First of all, buddy, download the OGInsta Plus APK to your android phone from what we have provided above.
  • Then, open android settings and select Settings ➡ Security ➡ Unknown Sources.
  • After that, just install OGInsta Plus on your Android device, which you have downloaded from above, you can find it in the download folder.
  • When it’s finished installing, open OGInsta Plus, and enter your Instagram account or create a new one.

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