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For the features of this free photo editor pro apk application, there are several that we will discuss. Some of the advantages we will...
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Photo Editor – Is an application for editing photos via an android phone. Many interesting features are offered by this application, one of which is editing photos to get the desired focus point.

There are still many advantages from the features of this photo editor pro mod apk application, and the convenience that you will get when using this one application. That is, one of them is a small application size but has maximum functionality.

Description of the Advanced Photo Editor Application Apk

For those who don’t know about this advanced photo editor application, this application is one of the photo editing applications. Remember, my friend, photo editing is not video editing.

With a size of only about 6.7 MB, it is enough to provide a sophisticated performance that is not inferior to other applications. And my friend can download this application for free on the available application store.

Many types of photo editing applications are intended for Android phones, not only this image editor pro apk application that provides advanced features. However, many applications offer other advanced features, but you have to prepare a capable mobile spec to support their performance too.

Photo Editor Mod Application Features

For the features of this free photo editor pro apk application, there are several that we will discuss. Some of the advantages we will provide an explanation for friends here.

Just go straight to discussing the features of this application, and see the explanation until it’s finished to get important information.

Editing Color Composition

The first feature of this photo editor application is that you can edit the color composition using the curve tool. The curve is a graph that shows the curved lines you will bend to get the desired color composition.

The color composition also has a mix like a PC editor, RGB colors, you can adjust the RGB color on the photo you are editing. And you can increase the brightness of the photo too to get the most suitable color.

Adding Dramatic Effects to Photos

This free photo editor application also provides interesting features for your photos, namely edits that can add a dramatic impression to your photos. Like the bokeh effect and blur effect and also many other effects.

You can open the effects menu and get various types of effects with a very attractive appearance for you to use. Are you interested in using this application? just try it and have an interesting experience about photo editing.

Add Text, Images, and Other Objects

Besides being able to add dramatic effects to your photos, the photo editor application for android also provides other interesting edits. Namely, you can add text, images, and other shapes that will add uniqueness and other editing goals to friends.

With this feature you can combine one image with another. And also you can provide text so you can get elegant photos.

Frames For Photos

Another form that this 3d photo editor application can input is a frame. Who doesn’t know the frame in the photo, many people enjoy doing it. Besides adding a solid impression but also adding to the beauty of your photo.

Of course, you can choose a lot of frames with various types of shapes and various colors that have been provided in the application gallery.

Adjust Photo

Do you know? By using this free download photo editor application you can adjust the shape of your photo. Like adjusting the tilt and size of the photo that you will input into the editing worksheet.

With this feature, of course, it is very important, because it will help make editing easier. And also you can easily adjust the photo needs you want.

The advantages of the Photo Editor Mod Apk application

We will provide the details of some of the advantages of this application, see the following, friend:

  • This application has a small size.
  • It doesn’t require a high spec phone to run it.
  • Small in size but has many features.
  • Provides an easy interface.
  • Can be used as a web image capture or other.
  • And much more.

Disadvantages of the Photo Editor Mod Apk Application

While the shortcomings of this application, there are several lists that we will convey:

  • Cannot delete the background of a photo.
  • Cannot be used to select photos.
  • This application does not have customizable layers.
  • Filters are still standard, like any other editing application.

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