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Picsay Apk Pro – Hello, Aptoide buddies are back with us at Aptoide, who always provide you with current information about applications, tricks and tips, and games that are being talked about.

For friends who like narcissistic on various social media, surely you are familiar with photo editing applications, yes, because with the photo editing application, your photos posted are better and more interesting.

Like removing acne blemishes, making the face filter look more glowing, and many other kinds and motivations for editing photos.

The application is many kinds and various paid and free versions have also been provided through the application store that is Google Play Store, for my friends who want to use a photo editing application, we have provided recommendations for you.

Namely the application called Picsay Pro apk, this application we will discuss in this opportunity, how to get the paid version and what are the advantages and all information related to Picsay, let us refer to this article


What is picsay? Picsay is a photo editing application based on Android, this application is used usually to improve photo images that feel less attractive so there is need for editing on photos.

Like the usual photo editing application, this application also provides several tools for you to use in editing your photos, such as filters, canvas and image cropping tools and much more.

This application has several advantages compared to other editing applications, as for the advantages that exist in this Picsay application you can see below:

Picsay advantages

Resolve a bug on Android Lollipop that affects your android device

Multiline text support for titles on photos you can enjoy

New Title fonts and styles, now picsay gives a new style of text and fonts that are more interesting and have many types

Adding Unicode 9 based emoji stickers by EmojiOne, stickers on picsay will be added and more interesting.

Warp Brush effect for devices that support OpenGL

Light and shadow effects for stickers that you will put on photos and pictures.

Transforming perspectives in Insert Image

Resize more easily, just set the size you want and choose a scale for your photos or pictures.

Picsay Pro features

This application itself already has a version of the picsay pro application, with more interesting features than the free version.

Crop photos and paste them to another photo – Picsay pro can crop one photo and paste it to another photo, with a choice of colors that can be adjusted to other photos.

  • Paint easily – Paint photos using your fingers so that you can easily paint, and many color choices for painting.
  • Make a black-and-white photo – Give a black-and-white effect on photo objects so that the photo is more interesting.
  • Makes images more focused – Gives effects to photos that are more instinct with several color variant options.
  • Title text and balloon text – Text for title and balloon text for photo editing as in comic conversations.
  • Additional decorations – Additional decorations themselves are additional stickers, with various types, such as comedy and horror, can be inserted in your photos or drawings.
  • Filters of various types – With additional filters that are not in the free version, it makes you have more interesting photos than most people.
  • Dramatic effect

Picsay Pro Iphone

Aptoide friends who use the iOS version can download or use the Picsay application with a different application version but with the same functions and uses, video editing.

The name of the application is Picsplay, the name is also not much different, but to get this application you have to buy it for around $ 9.99 dollars or if it is translated into Rp. 140,000 rupiah, are you interested in buying this application?

That’s all for information from the Picsay Pro application, hopefully useful and can add insight in Android and iOS-based photo editing applications, if there are problems you can read f.a.q below, hopefully it can help in solving problems that you encounter in downloading or installing the application.

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