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Star Shop FF is indeed one of the platforms that offers a lot of convenience for its users, you know, friend. So don't be surprised if many people are competing to use Star Shop FF.
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Who here likes to play games? Well, this time we have important news about this Free Fire game, friend. We will tell you all about top up diamonds in Star Shop FF.

As you already know, friend, Free Fire is indeed one of the best and most popular games. Because there are so many people who have used the game.

In fact, many people are willing to spend a lot of money just to buy diamonds and other items. It’s really fitting, friend, right now there is a Star Shop FF that can help all of you to top up easily.

What is Star Shop id Top Up FF?

For those of you lovers of free fire games, of course you already know this one application, friend. This application is indeed very popular among FF lovers.

To buy various kinds of items in the free fire game, of course you also have to need a lot of diamonds to be able to buy these various items.

Indeed, now there are many kinds of shops that you can use to give various kinds of diamonds.

Some sites that you can use to top up diamonds are Codashop, Itemku, Dunia Games and also the Gaming lapak.

However, many people don’t use the site anymore, friend, because it’s quite complicated if you have to open the site first.

But you don’t have to worry anymore, friend, because right now there is an application that will certainly help FF fans to be able to top up diamonds easily.

Now there are applications that you can use such as Star Shop FF. By using this application, of course, FF users will benefit more. Because there are so many benefits that you can get in it.

You don’t need to think long when you use the Star Shop application, because the various kinds of diamonds provided in the application offer very cheap prices.

That’s one of the reasons why so many people are hunting for this one Star Shop application. So now the application has become popular and widespread among Free Fire fans.

If you want to top up through the application, of course you will be able to determine the various payment methods you want, friend.

There are many payment methods that you can use later, such as via E-wallet, namely through Alfamart and also Indomart.

Star Shop FF is indeed one of the platforms that offers a lot of convenience for its users, you know, friend. So don’t be surprised if many people are competing to use Star Shop FF.

Before you want to use the Star Shop FF application, it’s a good idea to first know the price list offered in the application.

Diamond Star Shop Price List

After you hear information about this one application, of course you will also be more interested in using the application, right? Of course, all FF fans can top up through the application.

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Because this application is so easy to access, you also don’t have to make a payment if you want to access this application, friend.

The display is so simple that makes this application so easy to use by fans.

If we talk about diamond prices, of course in this Star Shop you will get diamond prices that are very cheap.

That opportunity won’t come twice, mate, so what are you waiting for, you can just use this one application so you can get the FF diamond price which is around 0 rupiah.

With the rumor that diamond prices are relatively cheap, many people are also looking to find out about this Star Shop application. Not only that, even now many people have used the application, you know.

This third-party application does offer a lot of benefits for its users. So don’t be surprised if this one application has been used by many people.

If you want to use this one site, then it’s better if you know first the diamond price list at Star Shop FF as below.

  • Price IDR 12,000.00 can get 720 Diamond
  • Price IDR 28,000.00 can get 1,850 Diamond
  • Price IDR 45,000.00 can get 3,630 Diamond
  • The price is Rp. 79.000,00 you can get 5,820 Diamonds
  • Price IDR 91,000.00 can get 10,930 Diamond
  • The price is Rp. 145,000.00 can get 20,500 Diamonds

So, that’s it, friend, some details on the price you have to spend if you want to top up in the Star Shop. How about it, friend, the price offered in the Star Shop application is so cheap, isn’t it?

You can just top up for the diamonds that you need right now so you can also buy various items in the Free Fire game.

With the help of this application, later you will be able to save your expenses every time you top up. So helpful isn’t this one application?

If you want to top up diamonds through this Star Shop, then you can just download the application so you can use it.

Tutorial for Top Up Diamond in Star Shop

For those of you who have never used this application, you may not know how to use it.

Actually, how to use this one application is quite easy, friend. So you don’t have to worry and don’t need to be confused anymore.

Because the use of this application is not much different from using other sites to top up. So, if you often do diamond top ups, of course, you also understand the various ways to do it.

However, for those of you who still feel confused to top up diamonds on this one application, then you can just follow the steps that we have provided below.

  • The first step of course you have to open the application firstAt the initial screen, you will have to enter the Free Fire Account ID that you already have
  • You just select the payment method you want first
  • You can just select the number of diamonds you want to buy according to the price details we have provided above
  • Then you can just enter an active cellphone number
  • Then you can directly click Pay so you can do Diamond Top Up
  • You can just wait until the payment process is complete so you can verify it
  • Done

Choice of Payment Methods at Star Shop

You certainly don’t need to feel confused anymore when you want to top up diamonds in this Star Shop application. Because in the application there are many payment methods that you can use later.

Here are some payment methods that you can use when you top up in Star Shop Free Fire.


  • BRI
  • Independent
  • BCA
  • BNI
  • And so on

E – Wallet

  • OVO
  • FUND
  • ETC

With the many payment methods provided, it will also be easier for you to make transactions.

Is Star Shop Safe to Use?

Because the Star Shop application is indeed a third-party application, so many questions arise, one of which is about the security of the application.

Actually, using the Star Shop application is safe – it’s safe, friend. However, currently there are still a lot of Star Shop users who have problems when doing top ups in the application.

Many errors when they make transactions to buy diamonds. So we suggest to all of you who want to use the application, then you don’t enter your main free fire account.

You can just enter a backup account or a second account if you want to top up in the Star Shop. You need to do this so you don’t get things you don’t want.

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