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Tubemate Pro – Sometimes it’s always annoying when you can’t watch YouTube videos because there is no data connection, right? or maybe you want to download videos from YouTube or other confused. It’s not even just video, converting videos to music formats is also confusing. Even if it does, it can be difficult to switch web pages or apps to do it at the same time.

However, you don’t have to worry and can still meet your entertainment needs by downloading this one app. With this app. You can download videos from YouTube to your Android device so you can play them later. During this time, you can also convert the audio from the video to create MP3 using the same application. It is certainly an excellent application, complete and certainly effective. especially if you want to have a local copy of the video without worrying about connecting to a data network first.

Tubemate Pro

The name of the app is the Tubemate Android app which allows people to download their favorite videos from different apps to their mobile phones so that they can easily access and watch this video whenever they want. Now there is no longer a need to search for videos when they can download them directly from the application tubemat. One of the best advantages of TubeMate is that users can download videos directly without additional cost. TubeMate also allows users to watch videos offline when they don’t have internet access, they can easily watch videos here.

TubeMate 3 is the new version of Tubemate and the third official version of one of the best apps for downloading YouTube videos to Android devices. With this app, you can save all your favorite YouTube videos to your device memory to watch them later at your leisure without the need of internet connection.

To be able to download the video you want, open the video via the application browser. From there, tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Then adjust options such as video resolution and quality. Available options include: 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720, 640 × 360 and 176 × 144. Meanwhile, you can specify the file format you want for video: MP4, MP3, WEBM, OGG and others.

The downloaded video is saved by default on the mobile. You can also choose to save it directly to the SD card. TubeMate 3 is clearly a download tool that is very easy to use and has the added benefit of downloading video files from YouTube in seconds. The third version of this application also comes with a very elegant interface, which represents a big improvement compared to the previous version.

TubeMate function

Many YouTube or other video download apps like Videooder, but Tubemate has its own features that are different from other apps.

Download videos (MP4 or 4GP format) or extract their audio (MP3 or AAC format).

Internal search engine.

Not difficult to use with a simple screen.

The resolution can be chosen

Built-in media player to play downloaded files.

There is an option to pause and resume downloads.

Supported with multiple simultaneous downloads.

TV synchronization.

How to use Tubemate

There are so many tutors you can use with the benefits we mentioned above. There are several ways to use the latest Tubemate app as follows

Download Youtube videos or convert to audio

Download the tubemate app

Open the Tubemate Apk app

The display on this mobile app looks like YouTube. You can search there for YouTube videos that you want to download freely. When watching a video with the Tubemate app, there will be a green download button at the top right.

Select the download button if you want to download the video you are watching.

The video resolution options for the download appear. You can choose video or mp3 format

If you choose the audio format, it will appear as shown above. Select one of the audio or video formats.

You can change the file name, then select submit. Then the download status will appear in the notification bar. Please try.

Tubemate to TV

How do I connect the TubeMate app to the TV?
The latest tubemate app also allows content to be transferred to other devices via streaming, for example, to television. For this purpose, you must first download the latest version of Tubemate apk and follow these steps:

Open Settings> Connect to TV.

Look for the YouTube app on SmartTV or PlayStation or it could be your Xbox console.

On the settings page, look for the Configure Device option.

Type the sync code and the name of the TV into TubeMate.

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