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Whatsapp Iphone Themes - Hello buddy aptoide, how are you doing today? I hope it's all right, yes, and hopefully always in the future....
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Whatsapp Iphone Themes – Hello buddy aptoide, how are you doing today? I hope it’s all right, yes, and hopefully always in the future.

Back again with us who will always provide information about the mod application for you again.

This time we will discuss about whatsapp mod again, friend, what’s more whatsapp mod application is very loved by many whatsapp users around the world.

Therefore we will discuss this version of whatsapp mod again, but with a different version of whatsapp iphone themes.

Surely from the name alone was guessed, not for the allotment of mobile phones that have iOS versions.

But this whatsapp mod application is intended for mobile phones based on the Android platform.

Indeed, what we already know, if the original version of whatsapp has a boring look than the mod version.

Yo Theme

With the application whatsapp mod themes whatsapp iphone, you can change the theme in whatsapp.

And there are many other things that you can custom friend or manage in this whatsapp mod application.

We also previously made articles about whatsapp mods, the last one yesterday we discussed fmwhatsapp.

Just as we will discuss today, but of course with different features with the advantages of each in each application.

Immediately, the first discussion, which is about the iPhone WhatsApp application themes.

What is the Whatsapp Iphone Themes Application

For those of you who don’t know about mod apps, mod apps are apps or games that have been modified by someone from outside the application developer.

So application or game mod is called pirated version or legally this is illegal.

Just like the iPhone whatsapp themes, this is an illegal application, but in the digital world the mod version is common.

And what is the iPhone WhatsApp theme application? it is the app whatsapp mod that functions as a substitute for the official whatsapp, which has many more varied looks and features.

Continue to be blocked? yes in the case of mod versions like whatsapp this mod, it can usually be blocked but buddy take it easy because this application is anti-blocking.

So my friend can use it without worrying about blocking from the official whatsapp.

Whatsapp Iphone Themes Application Features

Maybe my friend already understands the features in this whatsapp iOS 11 theme link application, because we have also discussed a few features in this application.

But you also don’t know about other features that you don’t think about, and we will discuss the features in this application.

There are many features that are not yet known by my friend, not only changing the appearance.

But like other features that support the performance that is in the application.

Anything, buddy? see an explanation of the features in this application the following:

Change Display to Iphone 11

The first feature is to change the appearance of whatsapp into whatsapp ios xml theme.

It will definitely be more interesting to see whatsapp buddy when you use this mod version.

And no half-hearted that is a display that is similar to the appearance of IOS phones that only dreamed of many people.

With the application of whatsapp mod September 2019, you make your dreams come true, even if you only have the appearance.

So that we are more excited to use an application if the existing display makes us happy and enjoy.

Hide Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp plus the latest October 2019 can also hide the status you made.

Although the original WhatsApp app has provided this feature, with a few steps and a few contact options.

Unlike the latest Whatsapp Plus application in October 2019, this application will hide your status to all contacts.

And vice versa when your friend hides his status from your view, it will still be seen as well.

It will be fun, friend, when the status of your friend knows about you, so you can know.

Anti Blocking

And also friend, when you have downloaded the theme of WhatsApp iOS 11, don’t be afraid because it will be blocked by the official WhatsApp developer.

Because this application has a feature that is anti-blocking, so the application will not be blocked if there is an update from the Whatsapp devloper.

And this feature is mandatory in the application with the mod version, because the mod version is usually prone to blocking, especially if modifying whatsapp classmates.

Surely it will be more dangerous, because the application developer is already large and well-known, so it will be vulnerable.

But with this feature, it will hopefully not be blocked, and will minimize the number of blocking of this mod application.

Large Font Options

Buddy can also choose many types of fonts that are in the iPhone whatsapp mod application for Android.

With a variety of fonts will make the appearance of whatsapp friend more interesting different from the version of whatsapp most have.

And you can also set the font or type of writing that exists with several scripts that you can download and extract in it.

This feature is very interesting, because we have discussed many versions of WhatsApp mod but do not have this feature.

But all WhatsApp mods have superior features such as cool animations in them, you can use transparent yowhatsapp.

Different Icon Designs

Buddy can also find a different desaign icon in the Whatsapp application iOS 11 for Android.

Like the icon to record audio that has a different version of the origin and others.

Such as typing village or entering text that is in this application has a more unique and interesting village design.

And there are many more desaigns that we might not know more about.

Remove the Blue Check Mark

The next feature that is in the iPhone whatsapp application is to remove the blue mark that marks that the message has been read.

So that your friend can’t think when you have a message and don’t reply.

Because your friend will not know that the message sent was already read by you.

And this feature is widely used for nagging friends or girlfriends who are too possessive of us.

Standby Status

The status has been published by your friend and when your friend mengahpsu that status will still appear on the theme of whatsapp iOS 12.

So you will still know what status has been published by your friend or friend’s friend.

And this feature is also useful for you, when you have made a satirical status and your friends know it.

Then your status will not be deleted, and will be displayed all day on the status page.

How to Install Whatsapp Ios 11 For Android

For the installation method, you just need to prepare the application file that we have provided, and you have downloaded it before.

The file WhatsApp iOS 11 for Android that you have downloaded, can be opened by clicking on it and the installation process will run.

  • And select install in the existing installation dialog box.
  • And the installation process will run and prepare any file that will be entered into the cellphone.
  • Wait a few moments for the security notification to appear.
  • Allow the unknown source, and the installation process will run again until it’s finished.

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