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Hello friends, loyal visitors to lppdjatim.id. This time the admin is here, and will provide a discussion about the WhatsApp Clone application.

Friends, current WhatsApp users, sometimes feel limited in the WhatsApp application. Yes, friend, one of them is to use one phone number for two different devices.

You definitely won’t find this when you use the official Whatsapp Playstore application. So that’s where innovation comes from third-party developers who develop an application for cloning.

WhatsApp Clone application, an application that you can use to clone one phone number on two different devices.

Wow, how cool is that, friend, so you can have two wa on two cellphones but with the same number.

In addition, there are many devices that support using Whatsapp clone, friends. You can clone your wa account with an Android, iOS or Windows PC.

Yes, indeed, by using WhatsApp web on a PC, you can access WA together on two different devices.

But whatsapp web can’t be accessed via android, other than that its features are limited.

This application includes third-party modifications whose security status is not yet official. But because this apk is a modification, it definitely has more features than the official whatsapp though.

Yes, even though we all know that using applications outside the Playstore is something that is prohibited or illegal, but yes, friend, there are many wa users who like to use this application, like this admin, friend.

The cool features in this application are also very helpful for us, such as sending various files without having to log in wa.

Oh, friend, if you still have doubts about this application, the developer always updates this application with the aim of not expiring on the application.

In addition, the availability of updates is one way to prevent wa account blocking.

So according to the admin, the security level on this application is strong enough, friend, and you don’t have to worry too much if your account will be banned.

Alright, friend, let’s get straight to it, below, the admin has prepared a whatsapp clone download link for all of you.

Download the Latest WhatsApp Clone Apk Application Link

Friends, all of you who want to try using two WhatsApp on two cellphones, you don’t have to be hard to find this application where.

Applications that are not available on the Playstore, will be easy for you to get, friend. Now, after you know a few things about the whatsapp clone application, the admin explained above.

So by downloading the application that the admin shares, all of you will be able to use one wa account number for two different devices.

Alright, let’s go straight to the application, friend

WhatsApp Clone Apk App Name
App Size 42 MB
Application Version Latest Version
Android Operating System V. 5.0 +
Whatsapp Mod Developer

Please download the application file HERE. How to install this application is very easy, bro.

Or all of you, follow the instructions from the admin as below.

WhatsApp Clone Application Installation
After successfully downloading the apk file that the admin provided above, it’s time for my friend to install this application manually.

For friends who usually install from outside the Playstore, you must be familiar with how to install this application.

But here, the admin will still share, bro, how to install the application easily.

Yok, listen carefully, bro..

How to Install the WhatsApp Clone Application

  • First, all of you, open the File Manager and look for the application file that you just downloaded
  • Next, my friend, directly tap the application for the installation process
  • If the application is blocked, you activate Install from other sources
  • Open the file and wait for the installation process to complete
  • Now that’s over, friend, you can already use the various features of this WhatsApp clone application. Here the admin has also prepared the steps to use this application correctly, friend..

Don’t skip this review, friend..

How to Use WhatsApp Clone

Whatsapp clone is one of the whatsapp cloning tools that has various features that are certainly very indulgent for users.

How to use WhatsApp cloning is as follows, friend..

  • On your first phone, you have to do something like this:
  • Open the WA Clone application that has been installed, friend
  • Click the menu at the top of the application
  • Scan the QR code pop-up.
  • This code is to give access to other devices to access whatsapp
  • Make sure the second phone is installed with the original WhatsApp.
  • In the second phone’s settings menu, open the QR code scan.
  • Wait until the barcode scanning process is complete, friend
  • And then you can use this application

How to Use Direct Chat

One of the excellent features of this application is Direct Chat. This cool feature allows you to reply to chars and start chatting with people outside your contacts without going through an account login.

With the presence of direct chat, all of you can chat without the need to login. Well, for how to use it, you can follow the admin, friend..

  • First of all, friends, open the WhatsApp clone application that was installed earlier
  • On the front page. you will be faced with a choice of the main menu from wa clone
  • Select Direct Chat, and enter the desired phone number to start a chat
  • Next Select Open Chat for Whatsapp
  • So, then, my friend, enter the phone number in the column provided
  • Just now, friends, tap Direct Chat Whatsapp
  • wait a while until the chat opens and you can directly send a chat to that number
  • How easy is it, friend, how to chat without logging in first

Furthermore, my friend can also use some of the excellent features available in the application. But before that, it’s a good idea to know some of the features available in this application.

Featured Features of the WhatsApp Clone Application

Third-party applications have some interesting features that you can easily get. Well it’s not just like sending a message without [need to login.

You will find various other interesting features and you can use them, it’s not much different from Yo Whatsapp, such as features

Save Status
One of the other modified whatsapp features on this whatsapp clone is almost the same friend as whatsapp modification

One of the popular features in other wa mods is saving wa contact status. So you don’t need an additional application if you want to save your friend’s status. All friends can do easily in this whatsapp clone.

Direct Chat
As the admin explained above, the function of direct chat is, so you can also send messages without having to login first and you can also send messages to numbers that have not been saved in contacts.

This helps you if you want to send messages quickly without saving contacts first.

Dual Account
The main feature contained in this application is cloning your wa account, friend. So friends, you can use one wa account for two different devices at the same time.

This excellent feature makes it easy for all of you to access your wa account from anywhere, and the cloning or dual account process is also very easy.

You are only asked to do a barcode scan from the wa account that will be cloned on another device. Well, after success, you can use the same wa account on two different devices.

How are you guys, how cool is this whatsapp clone feature..

Tips for Using WhatsApp Clone Apk
The Wa clone application is one of the third-party applications whose status is not official and you can’t find it on the Playstore.

So you can only install from third parties, or other sources that provide… The risks to your account actually have to pay attention to all of you, because use outside the official apk results in account blocking.

But friends, you don’t have to worry, the admin has some tips for using whatsapp clones to avoid getting banned accounts by whatsapp.

Come on, check it out bro

Don’t send chats too often via direct chat, the system will detect this as chat spam, and have an impact on freezing your wa account all
Use features that don’t violate the policies of whatsapp
Buddy also don’t use wa clone too often, use it as needed and when finished clearing data on wa clone
You don’t need to send reports or feedback to wa clone
Now lastly, don’t make wa clone a long-term application choice, friend.
You really need to follow the advice and tips from the admin, so that the use of wa clone remains safe.

The final word

Okay, so many reviews about information and tips about whatsapp clones that the lppdjatim.id admin can share for loyal friends.

Hopefully the information is useful for you and I’ll see you in another article, friend.

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