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There are many choices of excellent features that you can use for free from Whatsapp Delta, and also which are certainly very interesting. There is no doubt about...
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In this day and age, there are lots of interesting and cool WhatsApp options, one of which is Whatsapp Delta.

Because indeed one of them is in terms of the advantages of WhatsApp itself, because it does have a lot of features.

Not only whatsapp delta, but there are also many other whatsapp mods that are no less cool too.

Besides Whatsapp Delta, there are also other WhatsApp, such as Fm WhatsApp and also GB WhatsApp.

Wa mod itself is a development of the original wa, which was developed by the WhatsApp developer itself.

There are also many users who have used Whatsapp Delta, especially in Indonesia.

Because the WhatsApp application itself is the best-selling and most popular chat application in Indonesia.

So it’s no longer surprising, if Indonesian people really need this one chat application.

Not only that, whatsapp delta also has a lot of excellent features which are also very interesting to use.

Therefore, we will discuss more fully about this whatsapp delta for you.

Whatsapp Delta 2021

Do you already know about whatsapp delta, if not, then you can listen to it below.

Whatsapp delta is a modified application of the original WhatsApp, and was developed by the same developer.

Whatsapp itself has been widely used in the world, including by Indonesians themselves.

Although there are also many chat applications, such as Michat, Telegram and Instagram, most of them prefer to use WhatsApp.

This Whatsapp also has the exact same appearance and way of working as the original WhatsApp.

So you don’t have to worry anymore to use this whatsapp, because usually most people are still confused.

The excellent features of WhatsApp are also not small, because you can easily and free to use it.

Because you don’t need to make a payment in advance to use this whatsapp.

Featured Whatsapp Delta

There are many choices of excellent features that you can use for free, and also which are certainly very interesting.

There is no doubt about the features in it, because the features that we will discuss are all excellent.

Because usually you can’t get this feature in the original version, therefore don’t not use WhatsApp.

1. Can Read Retracted Messages

The first excellent feature is, you can easily read messages that have been withdrawn.

Of course this is very profitable, because you won’t be able to get it on the original WhatsApp.

Not only chat messages, but picture messages or files you can still read easily.

2. Can Send Multiple Images

For those of you who like to take photos, maybe you are suitable for using WhatsApp on this one.

Because this one feature makes it easy for you to send lots of pictures easily and without limits.

This one feature is also much sought after by Whatsapp Mod users, because most of them want to try it.

Later you can easily send quite a lot of pictures and without the slightest limitation.

3. Taking Other People’s Status

Unlike the case with you using ordinary whatsapp, because you will not be able to take other people’s status or the status of your own friends.

Usually, you also have to need a third-party application, just to take other people’s statuses on the original WhatsApp.

But it’s different with you using this mod version of WhatsApp, because you don’t need other third-party applications.

4. Has Many Theme Options

For those of you who are bored with a few themes, maybe you can try to use this whatsapp delta.

There are so many choices of themes that are certainly very cool and interesting, and you can use them easily.

Not only that, you can also change or edit the type of theme you want to create.

There are so many choices of themes that you can use for free, the number of themes is approximately 500 themes.

5. Sending Longer Status

If on the usual or original wa application, you can only create wa status with a short duration of time, which is only 30 seconds.

Of course it’s very different if you use this delta whatsapp, because you can send even longer wa statuses.

Very cool, this is not a feature, so you won’t get any more restrictions when sending wa statuses.

The video that you will make status will not be broken or blurry during the delivery process.

How to Install Whatsapp Delta

For the next method, you can do the application installation process, you can see how you can see below.

If you have successfully downloaded it, then before using it, you must first install the application.

  • First, make sure that you have successfully downloaded the application.
  • Then just install the WhatsApp file through the file manager.
  • If you have, then you can immediately use this Delta Whatsapp application.

The difference between WhatsApp Delta and Whatsapp Original

You need to know that there are also many differences that you can get from the two applications.

As we explained earlier, this Wa Delta has many advantages that are far different from the original wa.

And all of that you can get for free or for free, just by downloading the application.

Here are some differences that you can get, before you use it any further.

Whatsapp Original

It only has a mediocre theme and dark mode.
Whatsapp status can only be 30 seconds and can’t be more.
You can’t change the existing fonts easily.
When sending images, you will experience decreased image quality.
You can only send a maximum of 30 images.

Whatsapp Delta

It has a large selection of various themes and colors, and can be used for free.
Wa status can be more than 30 seconds, and can be a maximum of 1 minute.
Fonts can be changed, and you can also choose other fonts.
The image quality remains the same and there is no loss of image quality.
You can send images freely without any restrictions.
Well, those are some of the differences that we can convey for those of you who want to use WhatsApp.

Because there are still a lot of color choices and themes that you can get by using this application.

Maybe that’s the only difference that we convey, because there are still many differences that we don’t know in detail.

You can also try to use Whatsapp lite, because this one isn’t much interesting either.

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