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Have Limited Phone Storage But Want to Use WhatsApp? You can just download WhatsApp Lite with the following link
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When you don’t have the storage space to use WA Original, then you can use another alternative by using WhatsApp Lite.

Whatsapp is indeed one of the most important applications for everyday life.

Because, by using WA we can give news to others online.

This WA application has indeed become one of the most widely used applications by all circles.

This application itself is already well known abroad, you know, friend. You can see how many people are using this Whatsapp application on the play store.

By downloading this WA application, you will be able to get a lot of features in it that you can use.

You can make video calls, phone calls, text messages, and many other features.

But with that, there are still many people who feel lacking in the features in this original WA.

Many want to use the mod version of WA like on WhatsApp Lite.

In addition to having a light application size, WA Lite can also provide many features to its users.

See more complete information regarding Whatsapp Lite Apk below.

WhatsApp Lite Mod Apk Latest Light Version

WhatsApp Lite was deliberately developed, guys, for all of you who have limited phone storage.

Usually this WA Original application updates frequently. Of course, the file size of the application will also continue to grow, friend.

This is one of the problems for those who have limited phone storage.

For those who have large storage, it doesn’t matter, friend, if you want to use WA Original.

Well, the problem with having this small phone storage is that it’s a pity.

Because they can’t use WA if they don’t have enough storage.

But, if you have large phone storage, you want to try to use WA Lite, this is not a problem.

Because indeed in WA Lite it also has more complete features compared to WA Original.

Of course, things like this will be more profitable for you to use.

You must be very curious about what features are embedded in this WA Lite?

Calm down, friend, here we will also tell you all what interesting features are in this WA Lite.

So, just read the article that we provide to the end if you want to know.

WhatsApp Messenger Lite Apk Updated Features

Guys, do you know that in WA Lite there are some features that you can’t find on Wa Original.

How come it has more features, even though WA Lite has a light application size?

Well, that’s one of the advantages that WhatsApp Lite has.

Because of the many advantages that WA Mod has, that’s why many choose to use WA Mod compared to the original WA.

If you want to know about the advantages of this WA Lite feature, then you can check out some of its features below.

Disabling Last Seen

The first feature that you can get if you use WA Lite is that you can turn off the last seen.

By disabling this last seen feature, your other Whatsapp friends cannot see the online sign on your WhatsApp.

So with this feature no one will know that you are online.

More Status Characters

As you know that you can’t write long words in WA Original.

In WA Original you can only write words, only about 139 characters minimum.

But it’s different again if you use WA Lite. Because you will be able to write even longer words in the status column up to 250 characters.

Extend WA Story Duration

This feature is claimed to be very sophisticated, you know, guys. Because with this WA Lite you can extend the duration of the status that is posted.

On WA Original you can only make statuses for up to 24 hours, after 24 hours your status will be deleted automatically by Whatsapp.

But the great thing is that by using WA Lite you can extend the duration of the status up to 2 days or 48 hours.

Wow, how sophisticated is this feature of WA Lite?

Without Root

Usually, if we use an application in the form of a mod, we must root first before using it.

This of course will take time, because the root process is quite long, guys.

However, if you use WA Lite, then you no longer have to root to use it.

After downloading, you can immediately use it without having to bother with rooting.

Lighter Apk Size

as we explained a little above, guys, that the size of the WA Lite application is lighter than the original version.

This WA Lite does have an application size that is light and also economical.

With the help of this WA, users who have limited phone storage will be greatly helped.

So it’s no longer surprising, guys, if many want to use this WA Lite compared to the original WA.

The lightweight application size will also save more storage, guys. That way your phone will run smoothly every day.

Hide Notifications

Usually if you get a message from someone else, a notification from Whatsapp will appear, right?

However, with WA Lit you can set in the settings to hide notifications.

So, whoever sends a message on your WhatsApp, the notification will no longer appear.

This of course you can use when you are playing with your friends.

Usually a lot of friends who like to be ignorant, right, guys. If there is a notification sound from WA, your friend likes to open it right away, right?

Well, you can hide the Wa notification first, guys.

WA Lite Apk Installation

After downloading, of course a notification will appear that you have finished downloading.

Well, if you’ve got the notification, then don’t open the app right away.

You have to do it like this:

  • You have to click on the application guys
  • Later you will be directed to activate Unknown Sources
  • After that, then you do the installation
  • You just wait for the process to finish, okay?
  • After you have successfully installed it, then you can directly access the application.

How to Update WhatsApp Lite to be Safe

If you want to continue to use WA Lite, then you must be diligent in updating if an update appears.

You have to pay attention to this if you want to use a modified application to be safe.

Here’s how to update WA Lite:

  • First, of course, you have to open the WA Lite application
  • If there is an update, an update notification will appear immediately
  • You will be immediately directed to a site to immediately update
  • You will automatically get the latest version of WA Lite
  • Just click Download on the application
  • If so, then you have succeeded in updating the WA Lite.
  • Difference between WhatsApp Lite and WhatsApp Original
  • Finally, we will discuss the differences between WA Lite and WA Original. See the difference below.

WhatsApp Lite WhatsApp Original

Has a much lighter file size Has a larger size
Can’t be downloaded via google play store Can be downloaded via google play store and also app store
Features More complete and sophisticated Standard features that are only provided by WA only
Application in modified form (stability may be disturbed) Application is stable

The final word

This WhatsApp Lite in addition to having a light application size, this application also provides complete features.

That way, it will be easier for you to use Whatsapp and of course it will make users feel comfortable.

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