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WhatsApp Plus is the first mod application on the WhatsApp Android application that offers many complete features. The...
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Whatsapp Plus – Hello everyone, come back to us at Aptoide who always provides the latest and most popular applications, games and tips and tricks. This time we will recommend the latest mod application, of course you are suggesting it? Let’s just look at the reviews below. The road is skip skip hehe. . .

Nowadays, a lot of people use chatting applications, for daily needs, starting from gathering, finding information, and communicating with their girlfriends. Now there are lots of chat applications that you can use, one of which is the WhatsApp application. You can download Whatsapp, which is of course free or free.

Whatsapp plus apk

Users who like to use mod applications are certainly familiar with the name Whatsapp Plus, this application is very popular and widely used by Whatsapp Mod enthusiasts.

WhatsApp Plus is the first mod application on the WhatsApp Android application that offers many complete features. The WhatsApp Plus developer itself was previously stopped by the official Whatsapp because indeed the name mod application is something that is strictly prohibited by the original developer. We are the ones who have used it and have been temporarily blocked by the official WhatsApp hehe …

However, it seems that the mods of the mod application don’t seem to be deterred. They try to re-copy this WhatsApp mod which has been modified again and strengthen the modification application they did so that it doesn’t get banned again. Now starting to circulate a lot on the internet with more versions and different developers.

For that, here we are by making this post for loyal Whatsapp mod users who were disappointed because they were blocked by official Whatsapp. Lots of people make this re-modification, but you don’t need to worry because luckily you can get this application on our site. With the advantages that you get on our site, one of which is a download that is not complicated and you don’t need to go through many obstacles to download it.

The Whatsapp application that I share is a mod application developed by official-plus.com. On their website, they say that this WhatsApp being developed is much safer, more anti-ban and of course will always be updated.

Whatsapp Plus features

Here are some whatsapp plus features that will spoil those of you who want to use this application.

  • The checklist for two messages sent can be hidden.
  • The blue check mark message read can be hidden.
  • The sign “typing …” or “typing …” can be hidden.
  • Voice medium mark can be hidden.
  • Microphone button can be hidden.
  • “View Status” can be hidden.
  • Increase in character limit or character limit in status.
  • Notifications or notifications can be hidden.
  • Can send video & audio with a larger size.
  • Can protect with a password in every conversation and throughout the application.
  • Online status can be hidden.

The advantages of WA Plus

You can take full advantage of this WA Plus application with many features that you never get on the regular WhatsApp version. You may be using WhatsApp a lot more over the months, but I bet you don’t know all the cool features which I will post below.

Invisible Blue Check Mark

On Whatsapp Plus, the user receives a check mark when the message is sent and a double tick means that the message has been sent and a double blue tick indicates that your message was sent. You can hide the blue ticks and not tell others that you have seen their messages.

Your Online Status Is Invisible

This is a very common and useful feature of all Wa Mods. The amazing feature of this app allows you to hide your online status to others. this means no one can see you online when you activate this feature. It helps you when you don’t tell other people that you are online.

Recording Status

Recording studio, as well as writing status, can be hidden from others, so you can hide your audio recording status from others.

Answering Messages Automatically

The Auto Answer feature is usually found in the Whatsapp Business application, but WA does not have this feature. But the latest Whatsapp Plus APK version has an automatic answer function. Use it to set up an automatic response from you to someone who messages you.

Writing status can be set as desired

When you write a message to someone, the WhatsApp feature lets him know that you are typing and writing something for him. If you don’t want other people to know the status of your writing, you can activate it in the WhatsApp Plus privacy options.

Message Cleaner

This is a great tool for those who need to clear unnecessary chats, clear conversations and other things to use this cleaning tool.

Attractive Wallpaper Settings

every smartphone likes to set the screen wallpaper, right? Who, those who also like to set wallpapers on chat screens, should check out the amazing wallpapers on our site.

WA Trending Stickers

Download trendy and trendy sticker packs from this website. We update it according to the sticker trend. If you want to make your own sticker pack for WhatsApp, please download the sticker maker from this site.

Message History

WA Plus has a log and history feature that records all your activities, including opening times and everything you do on WA plus. This can help you in many ways.


If you want more security for Whatsapp again, why not lock your Whatsapp? NO, you don’t need a third-party app to protect it. The latest version of Whatsapp + includes a lock function. Set a password and protect your WA.


Whatsapp web plus not only provides attractive features, but also takes into account the interests of its users. You can use Whatsapp more and customize it in your own way, you can change the header, chat screen, home screen and user interface. You can also customize your notification messages and widgets

Lettering Font Style

This Whatsapp mod offers a wide variety of fonts with surprising styles, sizes and shapes. I’m sure you want to try it.

Similar File Sharing

Whatsapp plus mod apk allows you to share items in a different way from the regular WA version. It allows you to share videos longer than 30 seconds and supports up to 7 minutes of video, 50 MB video size, 100 MB audio size, original image quality.

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