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Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk - Hello buddy aptoide, started a beautiful day with us, and how are you, friend? Hope everything will be fine. Come back with...
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Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk – Hello buddy aptoide, started a beautiful day with us, and how are you, friend? Hope everything will be fine.

Come back with us here, who always provide information on the latest technology and other interesting games that you must try.

This time we will discuss a unique game that is a game called Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk, do you already know?

If not, then it’s really mandatory to listen to this article which will discuss the zombie zombie game.

Like the Super Mario Run game that we discussed in a previous article, this game also has almost the same gameplay.

But only different backgroun and form of challenges in the game, but the gameplay in both games is almost the same and certainly very exciting for you to play.

It is possible that the game zombie tsunami mod apk is less popular than the super mario run apk game, but for the quality is just as good, my friend.

Especially in terms of appearance, this game has advantages with zombie-themed games and many interesting assets and more intertaint.

What are the advantages and uniqueness that is in this Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk game? continue to see the article this time, friend.

Zombie Tsunami Game Apk

For those of you who don’t know, we will discuss the original version first, before we explain the mod version.

What is the game Zombie Tsunami Apk? a game that has an action genre with unique and interesting gameplay, you can play it on your andorid cellphone now.

In the zombie zombie game apk, my friend will pass the challenges that exist in a city with 2d graphics.

Similar to the game in Super Mario Run, this game also has more or less the same way to play.

The difference is in this game you will pass the challenges with the zombie hordes, the more you are adept at playing and passing the challenges you will be able to collect more and more zombies.

In the game you also provide many modes that you can play, with different background places.

You can also break through challenges when your zombie herd has a large number.

And this is the gameplay that is in this zombie tsunami apk game.

Zombie Tsunami Gameplay Game Apk

As we said that the gameplay is similar to some popular games, and this zombie zombie game apk has gameplay that is no less interesting.

  • Easy controls – You don’t need to use many buttons, just one button to control the whole bunch
  • Zombie Types – In this game also provides many types of zombies with different costumes, 10 bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more that make landline forgetful.
  • Multiple Missions – Do you think missions in the game are few? More than 300 missions to be conquered and waiting for your friend to pass.
  • Place Setting – 11 sets of backgrounds to explore, against a city and beach background and much more.
  • All Android Version Compatible – Optimized for all Android models, so my friends with low end specs can still play this game.
  • Skip the Obstacles – when you still have one zombie then pass the obstacles, and eat humans to add your zombies.
  • Destroy Obstacles – And friend when you already have a bunch of zombie, it can destroy an obstacle like a car and others.
  • Eat formula – Also in the game you can eat a formula or potion that will cause a special effect on the zombie herd that you have.

Those are some of the gameplay and features that exist in the apk zombie zombie game, maybe it can help you make a decision.

How to Install Rexdl Zombie

After you have downloaded the zombie and then how to install it, you can follow the steps below.

  • The game file that you downloaded earlier, friend, click to start the game installation process.
  • The installation process will run, and wait for the mobile system to give a message “allow unknown sources”.
  • So, friend, allow it to move to right, and the installation process will run again.
  • Wait for it to finish and you can play the game zombie tsunami mod apk.

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